Melinda Doolittle voted off!

I am shocked! Melinda is soooo talented – who else has been able to do a Whitney song on Idol without falling flat on their face? The only contestant who has been my favorite who has ever made it all the way was Fantasia.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Who is Melinda?

For heaven’s sake, OMD, you mean you don’t watch American Idol? Everyone knows Melinda was absolutely the best of the talent this year. . . although I think Jordin is pretty good too. . . and Blake ain’t bad. Still I’m really sad that Melinda was voted off!

I have to express my delight that Blake and Jordin are left standing. Waaaaaaay back at the beginning I picked these two as my favorites, the most original and interesting performers. Apparently, I have my finger on the pulse of America!

I was rooting for LaKisha only because she was from Flint, MI. I think she would have done better had she shown more personality. Regardless, all of those people have “made it” anyway. They will be rolling the cash very soon.


Glad to see that I’m not the only one not in “the know” :slight_smile:


  • Linda Wilson Said:
For heaven's sake, OMD, you mean you don't watch American Idol? Everyone knows Melinda was absolutely the best of the talent this year. . . although I think Jordin is pretty good too. . . and Blake ain't bad. Still I'm really sad that Melinda was voted off!

TV for me consists of sports (football & car racing), news (love CNN & their very attractive cadre of anchors, Robin is SO HOT! Wendy refers to her as "my girlfriend") & educational channels - Hist, Military, Discovery & so on. I have never gotten into 'prime time' TV. The last show I really followed was Cheers...and that was back when I was a stoner. Prior to that, it was M*A*S*H, which was instrumental in my desire to become a physician, & All in the Family.

LOL, I ain't a TV watcher!

I have to admit that I don’t watch a lot, either. But I do love the Discovery Channel and Zane loves CNN and/or Fox or MNBC. We both like Animal Planet. But the music lover in me finds a little fun in American Idol. For the most part, there just isn’t enough time for much television, though.

I am so busy these days, I don’t really have time for TV. I watch 4 shows altogehter: AI, Sopranos, Rome, and 24. Now that two of these shows are gone (or soon to be gone), I don’t know what I’ll watch.

I don’t watch sports anymore (I used to be a big sports junkie) because they are time sensitive (you can’t save them on tivo for days and days because sooner or later you will find out the score before you get to watch it).

I hear good things about “House,” and “Grays Anatomy,” but I havent’ liked medically related shows before. Any opinions?

Glad to find another camp of folks who don’t idolize Idol ;).

As far as TV these days… I watch hockey and House, and occasionally MAS*H or Mythbusters. Um… Top Chef isn’t bad, either, for “reality.”

Otherwise, reruns of Robot Chicken are better than most of the junk out there Sadly, that seems to include most of the “serious” programming as well, like the contrived news and political shows we’re spoonfed.

Aw man… am I too young to be bitter and jaded?

Goodcat - you’ve caught me at a bit of a ranty moment (as overtime in the Eastern Conference Finals (of hockey, for you infidels) was trumped by build-up to a 90 second horse race), so here’s a bit of a long-winded and opinionated response to your question:

IMHO, House is an excellent good show, albeit formulaic. There’s interesting discussion of medical issues in the context of interesting personalities and psychology. If that sounds, er, interesting to you, I’d highly recommend it.

Despite the risk of getting my butt kicked by an angry mob in Chicago 3 weeks, I’ve got to say that Gray’s Anatomy seems to be a med show chick flick. People talking about it afterwards aren’t going to be saying “Man, I can’t believe it was actually misdiagnosed dysentery the whole time!” so much as “Can you believe that Bob kissed Mary McDreamy?!” Every time I’ve flipped channels through the show, someone’s either been kissing or crying . Make of that what you will.

If it were not for TIVO, I wouldn’t watch any TV except for the occasional evening news broadcast and HGTV in the evenings (House Hunters and Design to Sell). However, after just going through the house-selling thing myself, I am sick of “staging” my house and need a break from that stuff.

We love to record Amazing Race (I would LOVE to be on that show :slight_smile: We also record the NASCAR races (actually I am recording the All-Star race as I type). We usually end up several weeks behind and I am careful to try not to hear results before I have seen them. I even asked a patient to turn down his TV the morning after the Daytona 500 when they started talking aboout sports :slight_smile:

If we ever get a chance for “spontaneous TV,” there are lots of shows we like (Mythbusters, Made in the USA, Dirty Jobs, MASH, What Not to Wear, CNN, Cold Case, Jeopardy), just not enough time to see them.

Catch ya later :slight_smile: Tara

And how did I manage to forget Law & Order :slight_smile:

Adam, Grey’s Anatomy is definitely soap opera land. There was a funny article in the Washington Post some weeks ago, where they watched an episode with a bunch of surgery residents from Howard University and recorded their commentary. For example: “They are standing around in their kitchen… drinking coffee… and IT IS LIGHT OUT???” LOL

House is entertaining. If nothing else I do like it that the title figure is definitely not of the Marcus Welby, M.D. father-figure type. But dude, a couple of weeks ago a girl’s head blew up in the MRI (well, okay, it split open but still), and various other tidbits I’ve caught from time to time have seemed equally implausible. It’s definitely fantasy world.


who only watches the early American Idol shows because they are SO damn entertaining and I love Simon when he’s at his snarkiest.

I love House, even though he would have been fired, sued or put in jail long ago. There is a doctor who does weekly reviews of House - he reviews the medicine, the medical mystery and the soap opera. It makes for some addictive reading. For you House addicts, the site is He has reviewed every episode, and his reviews are usually up the next day.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Lost, which is the most addictive program I know of. Even last fall when the episodes were pretty mediocre I had to download them as soon as possible, the plot is so suspenseful.

This week in Brazil they showed an episode of “House”, where he winds up on his back in a Oxycontin-alcohol stupor and his best friend just leaves him lying there in his own spew. On Christmas Eve! The message I took away-- don’t get hooked on prescription drugs. You end up just as desperate and jonesing as a heroin or cocaine addict.

I know better than to call my sister at 9pm on Wednesdays… that’s when Lost is, right? If I mistakenly call her she can be very rude


I am addicted to House and have always wondered how close to actual medicine it really is! Thanks for the link! I’ll defnitely check it out!

The medicine itself isn’t too bad. Most of the time the diagnoses fit. What is unrealistic is the whole setup of the show. The “young guns” (Chase, Cameron, Foreman) would be unlikely to personally do every test, surgery, procedure and etc. that they do on the show. Also, no hospital has a department like House’s. Even a teaching hospital the size of Princeton would be unlikely to see the large number of very rare cases that House seems to pick up.

Anyways, though, I still enjoy House, even if it isn’t totally realistic. I watch now for the soap opera more than the medical mystery. I really enjoy how the character of Wilson and his relationship with House have developed.

I’ve had several lecturers comment on House, and their major complaint is that these people never take a history or do a physical exam. They run right to the lab. I’ve only watched the show once, so I don’t know.