Merry Birthday, Linda!

While most of us were opening presents and stuffing our faces celebrating Christmas, Linda Wilson celebrated her birthday too! So Happy Birthday to Linda, I hope it was fabulous.
My birthday is tomorrow (27th). People have generally assumed that a Christmastime birthday sucks. I want to state publicly that it’s great. No one EVER forgets it in my family and in fact my mom has always bent over backwards to make sure it’s a special day. The only thing is that now I have to put in a whole year of hinting before I get any more presents

Hey Mary and Linda!
You two have given me two more good reasons why I love the Christmas holidays! You both were born around Christmas!
While my name means “Christmas Child” and While I was born on the 25th (it was the 25th of May) I just love this season. Happy, Happy Birthday to you both.
(I decided not to load up on all the Christmas goodies around the hospital. It was a good move)

Mary and Nat,
Thanks to both of you for remembering! Christmas has always been a happy birthday for me. This year was a little tougher, a long way from family and friends. But I have so very much to feel grateful for, including wonderful friends like the two of you.
So, another day older and wiser. And looking forward to many more.
Happy holidays to all!

Happy birthday to both of you!!! I will not bring up the ‘another year’ thing, as my birthday is in January and I know about payback!

Happy Birthday to both of you!!
Ihope you had an enjoyable holiday!!!

Happy Birthday, Linda!!!

Happy Birthday Linda!!!
Best wishes,

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes! Funny thing, I don’t feel any older. . . oh, well, my husband says I’ll never grow up! It’s hard to believe I’ll be 56 when I graduate. That is unless I go back to having ‘unbirthdays’, in which case I’m now 47. (For those of you who don’t know, when I turned 50, I decided to start going backwards for 10 years, giving all you young’uns a chance to catch up.)

Happy Birthday Linda!!! It is not us that are getting older, it is everything around us that is aging.

Happy Birthday to Linda & Mary! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post sooner. I was deprived of e-mail & internet access while home for the holidays. It’s a rough life…