Michigan State University

I am planning on going to Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. Does any one go there? Or Have any experience /w MSU? What are their strengths/weaknesses? Do the graduates get into good residency programs to other medical schools?I appreciate your inputs.

Hello Spartan MD!
I am currently a CHM student, starting third year in July. I posted a thread about MSU, but it’s dropped pretty far down in the list now I won’t repeat everything that I put in there, but you asked some questions I didn’t address that I’ll try to answer.
First, residencies. My understanding is that this years graduating class did very well in residencies, as we traditionally do. I haven’t read the official list (I’m sure it’s somewhere), but I know firsthand that out of a class of about 100, we had six people get into Radiology, and I know of at least one who got into Anaesthesiology, because I bought his Kaplan books. This is just what I personally know about, I’m sure there were others. We always have people going into the other subspecialties as well. So even though we are a primary care oriented school, we always have people going into everything. We also do quite well on the boards, above the national average usually. So your options won’t be limited, as long as you do well. One of the strengths I didn’t mention in my previous post was early exposure to Clinical Skills. Combined with PBL curriculum, we feel very prepared for third year.
When did you interview? If it was in the fall we might have met, since I did the “social hour” in the fall.
Let me know if you have any more questions, I’d be happy to talk with you. If you’re not from the E. Lansing area, I can warn you about some places not to live, and make some recommendations.
Oh, and congratulations for getting in to MSU!
I’m off to study, so I can keep up the MSU Step 1 stats