Mid Term Grades

Well it’s only Chem I and lab and Physics I and lab, but so far I have A’s in all classes - and High A’s at that.

just tooting my horn…

I know I am only on step one of a long path, but it sure does feel good to not stumble out of the blocks.

thanks eveyone for the information on this site!

Congrats keep up the good work!


Congrats! Keep on tootin’!!!

I am at B’s, but intending to end the quarter with low A’s. I detest B’s.

ughhhhh my grades are deplorable…

Congrats! Good job!

We’re just about to begin round two of midterms here. On the first set I got an A in microbiology and a B in organic chem. Still waiting on the history exam to be graded. This coming Thursday is the 2nd o-chem midterm, then the following week is the 2nd microbiology midterm. I hate that we have two sets. The 2nd set always runs right into final exam time almost too. Yuckie quarter system!

Don’t dismiss the A’s, even if you are early in the process. Instead, CELEBRATE!! Much congrats to you!

thanks everyone for the good wishes, next semmester will be Chem II and Physics II with labs for each and I hope to have A’s in those also. Biology will be next on the agenda and then O Chem that will really start to test the abilities to make this happen.

Just got a 95 on my Anatomy mid term! Super excited about that one!

Organic mid term? Ouch, dont have my grade yet but wow that was a hard test- I knew all the material, but it was still really tough…fingers crossed!