Midwest Questions

Hey all…Just a quick question. I am VERY interested in CCOM. I was curious if anyone knows names of non-traditional friendly programs in the midwest…hopefully in the Chicagoland area. Family constraints, unfortunately, may limit my options…:frowning:
Thanks all…

I’ve personally known OPMs to get into: Northwestern, CCOM, U. Chicago. I haven’t stayed in touch with them so don’t know how it worked out, but presumably it was okay - honestly, getting the support you need to stay in medical school is NOT difficult.
I knew an aspiring OPM who had a hard time getting encouragement from Loyola, but that was some years ago; hopefully they’re more receptive now because all medical schools are much more receptive to non-trads than they used to be.

Rush University is also supposedly a ‘non-trad’ friendly school, if that really means anything anymore. I’ll know more about Loyola soon. I did the post-bacc at the undergrad side of the house. Supposedly there is no direct connection with Stritch, but we’ll see.
Are you applying this year?
P.S. CCOM hosted an IL med school ‘open house’ back in November. I was really impressed with the facilities there. And, it’s a bit out of the city. Not sure if that is important to you with family, but might be an issue when most other Chicago schools are closer to downtown.