Military Bases

Does anyone have a good list of the bases docs can be stationed at in the AF, Army or Navy? Both abroad and domestic.



I don’t have that list, but docs can go to pretty much any base (that has their specialty). Your best bet for having the broadest possible station list would be to do primary care of some sort. Except for large bases, a lot of the more complex cases get referred to specialists within the TRICARE network (read: civilian).

In general, AF and Army are scattered throughout the country while Navy is more concentrated on the coasts (for obvious reason). Major overseas bases would put you in Japan, Korea, Germany, England, and Italy. There will be one-off locations scattered throughout the world depending on your service, and who knows where deployments will be focused on by the time we’re in practice (both combat and humanitarian).

The military healthcare system, at least for the AF side, is reorganizing itself into a more “efficient” force, and there is some talk federally of incorporating civilian care more into the military system. I guess the short of it is that any list you got today might not be valid by the time you complete all of your training.

It will change, but for Arag/Aphgan the hospitals flown to were in Italy and Germany. As for the ACA, some states do not have to use their ACA qualified programs, if a poor/jobless veteran can be treated by the VA(Just need to be a poor Veteran). That means I cannot use my State’s ACA poorman’s benefits, which are better than VA in many ways. And, they can treat at any VA not necessarily in their state, since the Federal govt. is paying. Under that auspice, the VA may find some cheaper and less problematic (transport) situations and have already started or are geared to start working with civilian providers under VA coverage. I thought they already had, but it could be a pilot program. The problem is that I was unsure why they took this approach and for how many reasons, but meeting the ACA emergency care almost required it for reimbursement. I live 100 miles from a VA that could treat for Myocardial Infarct or failure??, so they do pay for the emergency at or close to home regular civilian hospital (7 miles away). That sort of out of pocket expenses is difficult to assure under the ACA, since my state only allows me to treat if I can at VAs. Having Angina means I can call and see someone that day and likely get an EKG that day at the VA 100 miles away, but long after the Angina no longer exists or is notable.

There are foreign civilians involved in the Italy and Germany situations, but that has been a mix since the occupation of Germany until recently for the Mideast stuff. I had heard of Italy, but less noise until the last conflict. No worries, since most places are safe and air transport gets people there quickly and safely, and stabilizing for transport is inside areas not discussed by most, but must exist, and some people like the fear rush, so they want to be there. I like combat troops and their calmed intensity, so I would like to be closer to them, where they take the brunt of danger, but I do not expect anybody else to think that is a good place to be. May make a resume look worse, not better.

The Navy lets you work on boats, so that is likely very safe and easy, but they are unlikely to allow Army/AF to mix much on their ships. They are private and not bound to report much if outside of territorial guidelines, so that sounds like an easy post, with little to do. Some men were treated on ships that were Army, so I am unsure why or what missions required help for that, and why.