Military Scholarship also known as HPSP

If anyone is interested in gaining more information on the Health Professions Scholarship Program I will be more than happy to assit you. The basics for the scholarship are: Full tuition is paid at any accredited medical school in the United States or Puerto Rico, all required books and health insurance required by the school are paid for, as well as most equipment and academic fees. You will also receive a monthly stipend for 10 1/2 months each year which is currently $2,088 per month. The remaining 6 weeks of the year you will receive officer’s pay as a 2LT. Your service obligation is a minimum of 2 years or 1 year for each year of sponsorship whichever is greater as an Active Duty Physician in the speciality you MATCHed into. You may contact me if you have more questions at or the website at

Do u have info on the national guard tuition programs as well? or is that a whole 'nother animal?

Because the National Guard if funded by the state, the programs vary state to state. I do know some states offer programs for medical school but you will have to contact that medical recruiter. Sorry I was not able to assist you better.

SFC Macklin,

Thanks for the info!

Is there any way you could speak about the Age limit for such an option? I’m 36, and I have a couple years of prereqs to go, making me at the very least 38 upon matriculation, God willing.

Is that too late to qualify?

Any information you provide is greatly appreciated!

Sure the age limit is 36. However, once you are mentally and physically qualified you may be able to request a waiver. Remember you want to start the process the summer before you start medical school.

SFC Macklin

What are the mental and physical qualifications for those 36 and older? What would prevent someone from requesting a waiver?

Unrelated: Thank you for your service!

There are many different medical conditions that could be disqualifying, as well as waivers for some of those medical disqualifications. If you email me your medical condition(s) I can let you know if it may be submitted for a waiver or not.

What are the cons? How likely will I be able to get the residency I want? What is the likelihood of being granted a deferral to attend a civilian residency? Would it be better to forego HPSP, take out loans and instead apply for FAP? What about foregoing all of those and instead joining once a BE/BC attending physician?

The ability to get the residency you want differs every year. There is a board (HPERB) that meets and determines the requirements of the military. Based on this they figure out the number of each residency they will offer. They also determine how many will be deferred.

A link to last years results……