Military transcript (FYI)

AMCAS apparently requires all military transcripts out there even if you didn’t receive academic credit from the course. The requirement includes classes taken through the military for associate/bachelors degree as well as non-credit professional development courses (ie Squadron Officer School for AF Captains).

The Army, Navy, and Marines can get a Joint Services Transcript while the AF has to go through the Air University registrar’s office. I’m not sure how to enter development courses on AMCAS.

Last year, AMCAS let me apply without my non-academic transcript (at least I didn’t think I needed one and they didn’t tell me I did), but this year they held my app pending the transcript. Honestly, I didn’t even know the thing existed…


Thanks for the tip! Did not know AU provided transcripts for SOS.

I didn’t either. I forgot to add in that a phone call to AMCAS also revealed that if you do not have a military transcript, they have to receive a letter from the respective service transcript authority that states that you don’t have one. They automatically expect one if you are military. Not sure how I got away with it last cycle.

So my AU transcript came in, but it only had my ACSC (Major’s school) classes listed on it. It did not include Lt course (in residence) or Capt course (both res/non-res). Not sure if that’s all they track on the transcript or if I screwed up my transcript request. I’m under the assumption that they wouldn’t just put my last completed course if others were available as well…

Hopefully that’s good enough to appease the AMCAS reviewers.

Hopefully final update:

After a painful phone call to AMCAS, they updated my transcript record with what was delivered (AU - ACSC) and applied a “transcript exemption” to remove the JST from my record. The guy on the phone made it sound like they are working through the kinks about the military transcript requirement now, and not everyone is aware of the differences between the services. He forwarded my case to his supervisor who seems to have ironed everything out. Initially, they wanted me to email JST to confirm I don’t have a script with them and forward on the correspondence.

Hopefully other mil members reading this can bypass the pain by including it in their record initially (now that AMCAS requires professional development info) or will at a minimum not have to go through the proving of a negative that I almost had to go through.

Thanks for the info. I just had to request my military transcripts for enlisted courses that are not related at all to my premed. I’m not sure what good it will do but it was required to list my military service.