Mini Medical Schools

Want to learn what a specific program is really like. Most Medical, Osteopathic, Podiatry, and Dental schools have open houses were you can tour facilities, heae from admissions staff, and see what the school has to offer. A more intensive way is to attend a "mini-med school.” These programs, lasting anywhere from a few day to several weeks, are a great opportunity to get real feel for what medical school will be like. It also gives you time to learn about the a particular school and let them learn about you. The Office of Science Education of the National Institutes of Health has a website with program listings and locations.

Click Here: Mini Medical School Information and Locations

Thanks - that’s a neat concept. Based on a quick sampling, it looks like most are lecture-series type things that take place around February. I like the idea, though

From what I saw, it looked like mini med school was for lay people who want to know more about some of the current publicized science topics. They even say that no prior knowledge of science is necessary. I wonder how this will give us a feel for what med school will be like?