Mini-Medschool at UVA

Hi folks,
UVA also has a Mini-Med school opportunity that is similiar to the one offered at Hershey/Penn State. I have attached the press release below for anyone who is interested:
Media inquiries: (434) 924-5679
If you’ve always dreamed of going to medical school, but settled for weekly infusions of “E.R.,” now’s your chance to go for free. That’s right: no cost, no grades and no tests. And you get a certificate stating that you are a graduate of the University Virginia Mini-Med School.
The University of Virginia School of Medicine will offer its seven-week Mini-Med School from Thursday, March 27, through Thursday, May 8. The course, which is supported by Pfizer Inc., will consist of entertaining and informative presentations designed to familiarize participants with medical terminology and to enhance their knowledge of the relationship between biomedical research and new medical treatments.
Anyone from high school students to senior citizens may apply, but facilities limit enrollment to 139 participants (the size of a medical school class).
Each week one of the medical school’s most popular professors will discuss different topics such as anatomy, aging, cell signaling, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and AIDS. Following each presentation, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk with the speaker informally. On one evening, participants will be divided into small groups and each group will visit a research lab and learn about the research conducted at the School of Medicine.
Classes will meet each Thursday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Jordan Hall at the School of Medicine. Free parking is available.
To apply for admission, call 434-924-5839 or 924-2563 or apply on the web atUVA Mini-Medschool. Participants will be selected by lottery from the applications received by March 12 and notified of their acceptance by mail or email. The lottery gives everyone who applies for admission an equal chance of being selected for this year’s program.
February 14, 2003

For anyone who is in the area, this looks like great fun!
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a search on Google using “mini-medical school” brings up many programs - some seem to be dead links, but others are live and current.
Go have a look and see if one is near by to you!

this is a link to possible programs…

I hope this won't sound terribly ignorant…but…what is the benefit? I mean that in a sincere way…no sarcasm intended.