MIT course material online

I recently came across a section of the MIT site, which I thought I had to share with fellow OPMers here!
MIT has an ‘Open Courseware’ initiative; a program whereby they publish on the web the contents of several dozen courses. This material is published free of charge, to the general public, but no credit is awarded for viewing this material. Several of the courses even include video lectures – MIT level stuff, truly awesome!
I personally have used some of the material there to supplement my professors’ lectures – particularly in physics. I truly believe this material has made a difference in my scores!
Check out Prof. Walter Lewin’s lecture series on:

I was hoping to find similar lectures in the area of Organic chemistry. Unfortunately this is not the case.
If anyone has sites they consider outstanding in complementing regular course material – specifically for Organic Chemistry – I would love to hear about it.
Happy viewing!

Neat, thanks. This could be a big help in my summer Bio course, and info under a “Brain and Cognitive Sciences” heading is always interesting

Yeah - agree on the ‘Brain and cognitive Science’ comment.
Funny you should bring that section up, because I’ve downloaded the ‘audio lectures’ there, and have listened to 4 of them - today alone! The guy on those is hilarious, and as a first exposure to Psych. 101, I could not have asked for anything better.
Happy viewing!