Mixed MCAT Scores

Hello Everyone,

So I took the September MCAT and got my scores in late October. Looking at my scores, I’m not sure if I should stick with what I’ve got or risk taking it again to improve on the lowest section score.


I bombed on the CARS, thought did relatively well on the other three sections, particularly the Biological Sciences. How much emphasis do schools place on any one section score, CARS in particular?

Thanks in advance,

Even though AAMC specifically told schools not to play the game of “X is the new Y,” schools are doing it anyway. And a 123 in CARS could get you screened out because it’s below the 50% percentile (aka an old 8). Some schools have started to publish their minimums already – Georgetown makes a note that anything below a 125 isn’t competitive, for example.

Bottom line, no one really knows what adcoms think about the new MCAT. They are comparing apples to oranges this year with a mix of old vs. new tests among applicants. But by the time you start seeing more definitive answers, it could be too late for you to start studying. I assume you’re applying June 2016.

If I was in your position I would very reluctantly take it again. The thing is you know you can do very well on the other sections. You need a CARS strategy to get that score up a few points, and with solid review on the other sections you can hopefully maintain that score. Just my 2 cents if I was in your position.