molecular cell bio before ochem?

Well, I’m having some problems scheduling some courses for this term ---- and it’s been suggested that, if I can get just one class, then maybe take molecular cell biology. It has a pre-req of Organic I, which I have not had - so I’d have to get a waiver. The person who suggested this believes that I don’t really need ochem to “get it”. Any of you have some advice for this situation? I’m getting desperate for a class - physics are all filled/closed, no ochem I. My last resorts are this, genetics (which is very do-able), comparative anatomy or cell biology.

I did Cellular & Molecular Biology and then Advanced Molecular Biology, and OChem knowledge was never a factor in either class. In fact many of the other students in my class never had OChem and they did just fine. It seems like an odd pre-req. Of course in Molec Bio you’re dealing w/organic molecules (OChem territory) but no working knowledge of their chemistry or reaction mechanisms are needed in great detail (if at all).
I say go for it! It’s a terrific class, especially if taught well. But your other options for classes sound interesting as well!
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Genetics is a darn fine class. The closer look at DNA replication, RNA transcription and translation can be helpful for the MCAT.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have sacrificed the second semester o-chem class to take cell bio before the MCAT’s. After the tough first semester of o-chem, you can bs your way through the rest, or read it easily. O-chem helps cell bio, but not that much. At my school, it’s prereq or concurrent, and I don’t understand why. You don’t cover any of the molecules of interest until biochem anyway, do you?

Thanks for the input. I’ll go ahead and contact the professor and see if I can get a waiver … if not, guess it’ll be the genetics - which I know I will enjoy.

Yeah, Genetics is neat, but to be honest I’m glad it’s over now! (Final was today). I was glad to take it though - it really helped me to understand the molecular processes of DNA and RNA - something I didn’t have a good grasp on before this. Other parts of the course were easy - Mendelian genetics and Population genetics, but some parts were not to easy. Our Genetics class had fruitflies and while it was tedious, it helped us to understand inversions and biochemistry of heredity.

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Speak with the professor that teaches the course and find out why organic chemistry is a pre-req for this course. If it is a “soft” pre-req, then you might be OK. If not, do not bite off more than you can chew. Courses differ from school to school so find out from the person who actually teaches the course that you want to take rather than rely on outside opinions. A phone call or e-mail should be enough.

Thanks again for the suggestions…
I emailed the professor - and received an override - hope that means it is a “soft” requirement! I went ahead and registered. No book assigned yet - so I couldn’t brief throught it. A close friend of mine had this course at the same college (different professor though) and said she did not use Organic … I just know it’s going to be challenging … I think I’m a glutton for punishment. I figure that I need to put myself into a somewhat uncomfortable position to see if I can come out smelling like roses (though I’ll gladly settle for carnations). If I can’t hack this - could I ever hope to excel in med school? I don’t know if that’s the right way to think about it - but it’s how I’m feeling just now. I finished up Micro and Chem II this term — 96% and 93% respectively. Mind you … this is at a CC and I had both previously (though many moons ago). The university will probably kick my butt - but I’m sitting here in my newly acquired $50 UCF sweatshirt - just glad to have a few weeks off! Take care and thanks for helping me with this process!