Money for post bac

So I have been accepted and I am starting a post bac at a 4-year this summer, but am seeing that many of the deadlines for potential scholarships have passed, or are for high school students.

I am thinking I may have to take a Grad PLUS loan- but I already have student loans, and I am not sure what the minimum credit score acceptance is for the Grad PLUS loan.

I have figured I will have to mortgage my life for medical school (loans, loans, and more loans) and I am okay with that, but I was wondering what others thoughts were when they attended or as they are attending. I am in early talks with the financial aid office and as soon as my taxes are done my FAFSA will be too.

I have a little saved, but unfortunately with a husband and a kid - more was not saved.

Thanks people.


Soda -

Depending on how you enrolled for classes, you may still be eligible for some regular federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans. If you enrolled as continuing ed or non-degree, you are eligible for federal loans to take courses that are pre-requisites for admission into a professional program (med, vet, law, etc). The catch is that you can only borrow for 12 consecutive months, and it is very difficult to do the med school pre-reqs in 12 months. If you enroll as a “degree-seeking” undergrad (doesn’t matter whether or not you are actually going to seek said degree), you may be eligible for federal loans up to either a credit hour or dollar amount cap. I don’t think there is any “cap” on loans for the first strategy. For the second, you will need to ask your financial aid office how many hours/dollars you are still eligible to borrow for undergrad courses. The plus to both of the above is that credit score is irrelevant.

Good luck!

thanks emergency!

your feedback spurred me to review my loan information again and now I am thinking I may have to go with my second choice due to money. But before I get discouraged I am going to talk in depth with the Financial Aid office too.

Either way, I am still closer to getting to medical school which is my goal. As Old Man Dan says its a marathon.


RB (aka Soda)