Montana State Post-Bacc for 2010?


Does anyone have any insight (good or bad) on the Montana State Post-Bacc program? I read a few brief comments on the SDN site that were generally positive, but I would love to hear from someone who went through (or had friends that went through) the program. I was accepted for this coming summer, quite the summer courseload: Chem 1 and Physics 1 in first summer session, Chem 2 and Physics 2 in second session.

I was also accepted at Columbia, definitely considering it as well, but the two programs couldn’t be more different.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Sorry, don’t know about Montanta, but can you give me the URL for the SDN website, please? I have never heard of it.


Volkmar Gaussmann

Here you go:


The post-bac from Montana State can work as a feeder program into UW - especially if your from one of the WWAMI states (wyoming, montana, idaho, alaska). check it out, its a good back door into UW Med.