More progressive med schools

I had a conversation with my friend who’s a physician and medical director at a hospital in NYC. He told me that I should look at schools and apply to the more “progressive” schools vs. more “traditional” schools. I think he was talking not only in terms of accepting non-traditional students, but also in terms of a general philosophy (he said those that are looking to train primary care doctors are a clue)

Anyone have a list, or is there a list or thread here already on the forum ?

Hi minian,

I’m not certain about allopathic schools (MD), but for osteopathic schools, one of the more progressive schools is ATSU/Mesa. While a “new” school, it is quite progressive from what I’ve read and heard so far. The first year is done on the Mesa campus, and then for years 2 - 4, your education continues in a CHC (Community Health Center) in different parts of the country. Unlike some of the other new DO schools, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own rotations during year three and four. You also start melding more clinical experiences in the second year, and your CHC group is about 10 students. While you are not committed to a primary care field, I think this school is more primary care oriented. Within each of these CHC there is a large population of underserved patients.

So far, this seems to be the most progressive of the schools I’ve heard of. If there are others, I would love to hear it.

That actually sounds appealing to me being I’m contemplating general peds.

Boobs, the more I read about it the more intrigued I am. Both the pre-osteopathic and osteopathic school specific forums on SDN have currently attending students that are very enthusiastic about it.

And I am proud of my school, WVSOM, for being among the top schools for rural and primary care for the last 10 years now.

Very interesting. I wonder if one were to go to a “progressive” school but are also interested in doing research, if that would be a disadvantage.

I think that would depend on the school.