Moving my family

Hi! I have been a faithful reader (Hee) of this board all through my undergraduate work, I’m not much of a poster, but I quess I finally have a question I haven’t found already tossed around with my spin, so I’m ready to get some advice from the experts.
Backround - I’m 31, an Army wife with two kids- boys 3 & 5(one with mild CP)and my widowed mother(a young 51) lives in the house with us. My GPA is @3.9, I was an Army medic for 9 yrs. and am certified as an OT asst. I don’t work and am finishing my BA in Biology at a State school.(Where Efex-101 goes coincidently)I have applied to about 6 summer research programs so I hope to have one summer of research under my belt before apps.
I will take the MCAT in April after I finish my PR prepcourse and apply this coming cycle in June. There are two schools within commuting distance that I think are long-shots for me. If I broaden that scope out to a say, 3000-mile radius I feel confident I’ll be Dr. Ex-Lurker in the future.
Because my Mom is in my home (retired) she is the driving factor that is making medical school possible. My family is 100% behind me. Because of the Army my kids have so little stability as it is should I leave them (Hubby, Gram and the boys)where they are established (therapies, Drs, schools, etc.) and venture off on my journey alone (selfish?)and have them move to my residency. 2.) Should I uproute the kids and bring them (and Gram) to my Med school so they don’t grow up and resent me??
All opinions are welcome, b/c I need to be 100% reconciled in my mind before I go to an interview. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I know any hestiation will show in an interview.
Thanks for being out there.
I know this is my first post, but I feel at home here already.

First, welcome to OPM. Since you’ve been reading awhile, you know what a great bunch of people OPM has. About your situation, I guess you know one thing I’m going to say: No one else can really tell you what is best. You know your family better than anyone. Your choices will have to be those that you and your family can live with. I understand how you feel. I have two kids at home (6 and 12) and am supporting my 59 year old mother, who was widowed a year ago and experienced CHF and becoming totally disabled. It is a heavy responsibility, and like your mom, she helps out alot. If your family is behind you all the way, just sit down and talk with them about workable solutions. Your family will always be with you, no matter what career path you choose. It is a bit selfish to go to medical school once you have a family, admittedly, I feel the same way about wanting to go, but it isn’t a “bad” thing. (and I’m not one to let others define what is bad for me). Just trust your judgement. You know what you and your family can handle. I am in the middle of trying to get things sorted out too. Good luck in whatever you do.

I’ll just throw this out there becus it’s something my Mom keeps sying to me when I start feeling guilty about moving my family. I’ll just state it as she does:
How many times have you moved or made major adjustments becus of your husband’s career? Wasn’t it okay for him? So shouldn’t it be okay for you to do it? The MOST important thing is family. No matter how far you guys have to move, you will all still be together and that’s what counts.