What kind of employment opportunities are available to those who get a Master's in Public Health? I'm just curious . . .

I can only relate to you my work experiences, so here goes. I have a MSPH from the University of Missouri which has since been converted to a MHA (Masters in Health Administration). This is a joint degree program with the School of Medicine and the School of Medicine at MU. We were trained to be hospital administrators and many of my former classmates are today. I, however, worked for the Departments of Health in two states (Hawaii and now Ohio). I was the former Director of State Health Planning in Hawaii and now work in the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control as a Rabies Program Coordinator. Many of my coworkers with the MPH degree are epidemiologists, i.e. detailing the incidence and spread of diseases such as rabies and West Nile virus lately. We have investigated the recent monkey pox disease outbreak as well. Other MPHers I have known have a health education concentration and work in disease prevention and in programmatic areas such as administering a breast cancer prevention program and the like. The salary is reasonable with most people making about $45K to $60K with a few years under their belt unless you do go into hospital administration where the salary levels are closer to $100K and above. The MPH will get you into the door with most any health program and from there its what you make of it, your drive and your own personal interests. You may even become a health commissioner in a county health department or go into academics if you like. Hope this is informative. Aloha.

Great reply, surfergene! I had always wondered the same thing about the MPH.

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I have heard NOTHING since my one early rejection from UMD! No rejections, no invitations to interview, NADA! I have this horrible fantasy that the AdComs are all looking over my application and saying its not even worth answering. Boy, talk about application year psychosis!! huh.gif

Hang in there, Kathy! This process can really make us crazy, but we are all going to get thru it!
I've started a bunch of holiday projects to try and keep my mind off admissions for a few minutes a day. wink.gif Due to the TX match, I can't find out if I get accepted 'til Feb, so I have some time to kill. I'm making XMas cards myself and trying to do some floral arrangements since I can't afford the $150 one I so admire! Nothing like having a razorblade or hot glue gun in your hand to make you forget about your worries! (must not slice off finger... must not burn hand...) laugh.gif