MS Degree vs DIY Postbac

Hi everyone!

I am a recent graduate with a BS in Cell and Molecule Bio. Graduated in 2020 with a 2.6 GPA (yeah I know it’s bad). Still very passionate about pursuing medicine and currently working to figure out my next steps. I have applied to a few MS programs but I haven’t heard back yet. All this waiting has had me thinking if an MS degree is even the right step that I should be taking. I know that an upward trend in undergraduate GPA is important but in order to make that 3.0 mark, I would have to take close to 2 years’ worth of classwork and ace it. I was really hoping to apply in the 2021 cycle. Since graduating I have been working on other aspects of my application. I’ve been volunteering with Meals on Wheels, Shadowing with physicians, and working as a CNA. I am also starting to study for the MCAT next month. I am open to any and all advice. Thank you.


im in a similar situation with a bad gpa. I chose to do a diy postbac for now at une online/cc because i work full time and flexibility, i also struggled to get into ms programs. however, i am still applying to ms programs for this fall to show i can handle the rigor of med school and get lor

good that you are working on other stuff too. I would give extra time for the mcat to get the best score possible

If you get into a masters and feel like you can do well— then go for it. Same thing with the DIY. I think doing better in the masters is going to look better because they’ll be harder courses/ could give you flexibility and networking opportunities to do cool shadowing or clinical experience.

Ultimately I think it’ll matter where you get the most support. Do you feel like you know how to do better have that GPA/ your learning style/ what you can do better/ and what support you need? I think that’s the root of the question— and depending on the answer a DIY or Masters. Either way, you got this!!