MS, RD biology undergrad ...


Well, I’m 40. Started off in 1985 as pre-med, major biology, minor chemistry, graduated in 1989 with honors (GPA 3.7). I decided at the beginning of my Sr. year that I didn’t have the physical stamina for med school.

I worked the next couple of years in microbiology research (bleeding rat tails, yeah, harvesting their organs if I gave 'em too much ether and accidently killed them ), then worked as a poison control call center tech.

Decided to go back to school for a masters in nutrition (GPA 3.8) and have been working as an RD for thirteen years (nine years im renal).

The reason I’m even posting here and entertaining the idea of med school again is because I’ve recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and am feeling amazingly better after one month gluten free. From all I’m reading, since CD is autoimmune, complete resolution of symptoms takes a year to 18 months.

Looking back over a lifelong history, CD has been the culprit behind so much - FTT at 18 months, an immune system from hell all through childhood, chronic fatigue beginning in early 20’s, premature ovarian failure at 32, gallbadder failure at 34 …and that’s just the highlights.

If my energy level and health continues to improve, I may be hanging out with you guys more. I realize I’ll need to repeat some courses to refresh myself (please, God, not organic ) if med school begins to look like a physically doable option.

It’s so good to know you guys are here; I’m impressed with your courage and dedication to pursue your dreams.


You have great grades, medical experience, life experience–go for it. Unfortunately you probably will need to retake your four prerequisites because they’re a bit out of date; med schools want them to be no more than 5-7 years old. But on the positive side, it’ll get you in the student mode again and help with networking with fellow premeds. You’ll enjoy biology; a lot has changed since the 80s. Best of luck,

Thanks for the encouragment, ttraub. I’m not ready to join your ranks yet, but am so glad to learn you guys are here …and that 40. 40+ doesn’t mean too old.

My personal health issues have room for improvement before I could seriously consider med school again, but I’m pleased with the past month’s progress. I love working with chronic illness, which isn’t likely to go away anytime soon (no pun intended), and have never understood the concept of retirement, so who knows?

Best of luck to you as well.