MSAR for DO schools?

I have poured over my new MSAR book (just released in May). Spent a ridiculous amount of time strategizing where to apply (for someone about to start post-bacc). But where's the DO info? There are so few DO schools, I would have thought they'd throw us a bone… What's a comparable source of info for DO?
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P.S. I wish I could attend the conference this year. Next year I won't be stopped from attending!
P.S.S - Anyone on the list attending NYCOM?

Hi! I’ll be starting at the newest med school in August…consider applying there when it’s your turn! (Edward Via Virginia COM)…
The comparable info for DO schools is available through the “D.O.” website:
That will get you the basics, officially… keep in mind that the requirements for applying can change. I’ve also seen osteo school info in med school guidebooks (e.g. Barron’s, Princeton Review, et al.), but that info is not always up-to-date and correct.
Good luck! (And if there’s ANY way you can join us in DC or next year, please do it…it’s worth every penny)…

Thank you Mary.
I checked out the web site. Definitely good info. The only thing I still want to find is the instate/out of state acceptance/interview stats. I too have a lousy Undergrad GPA ball and chain to lug around. I have A’s now though smile.gif I plan to only apply to favorable out of state schools or NY schools. I will definitely give your school a good look when the time comes. Sounds new and high tech.

The only caveat I would offer about the instate/out of state statistics is that you can't always believe what you read.
I almost didn't apply to WVSOM because of that very statistic, yet something told me to and I did. And I was accepted, even though I'm from Missouri, and so was another OPMer, from New York; and since moving here in March, I have found out that close to 30% of the class is out-of-state. And, to add to that, they love nontraditional students!! One of the biochem professors, who has been here for over 20 years told me they are actually trying to raise their average age, as they find that the majority of nontrad students bring a great deal of life experience which is invaluable. I know they took me. . . . and I'm 52!!!
So if you read the other statistics, and feel that you would like a school, go ahead and apply. The great thing about WVSOM is they won't even send you a secondary unless they are scheduling you for an interview, so you won't be out any fees beyond the AACOMAS fee unless you have a good chance at being admitted.
Good luck!!

Jill -
Where in NY are you from?

Actually, I left NY (Manhattan) after high school (22 years ago!). In June my 4 yr old daughter and I are leaving Seattle and moving to Long Island. I will go to Hofstra for a year of post-bacc… and then who knows. NYCOM is close by. I'll try for NY med schools but I'll apply all over and go where I am accepted. I'm just starting to learn the ropes. I need to find a good volunteer position in NY (preferably with an osteopath so I can check it out). I'm not sure if I'm a good osteopathic fit… maybe. Family and friends can also help with my daughter.
I wish I could go to the conference and meet everyone but I am busy selling my house here, buying a house in NY, preparing to move and taking an Anatomy and a physiology class simultaneosly while hell bent on getting A's (so far so good). Did I mention the 4yr old daughter? Next year I'll make it.