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Backstory. Graduated HS in 2008. Started college in fall of 2008, where I did fall semester and spring semester at 2 separate community colleges in Illinois. Grades were horrible, and quickly realized college wasn’t for me at the time. I joined the army that summer, and have been in ever since. Started going back to school about 1.5 years ago, where I’ve excelled in comparison to my initial attempt. I ended up getting an associates degree from a community college close to where I am stationed in North Carolina, and now only 6 classes from being complete with my bachelors degree. Neither community college or university in NC ever requested transcripts from the schools I attended in Illinois from 10 years ago.

My question: when applying to Med school, do I also need to submit the community colleges from over 10 years ago, or should I just submit transcripts from the schools I received the degrees from? And in general how would my science GPA be calculated?

Every school that you attended needs to be accounted for. This includes any college credit you got through the military (I’m Air Force so I need to include my degree from there) as well as certain trade schools i.e. cosmetology school, etc. Apparently there’s a guide through AAMC regarding what specifically you need to include. But short answer, yes you need to send transcripts regardless how old they are or even if you got credit from them or not.

Also forgot to answer your last question.

Regardless if you retook your classes, the science classes will be calculated. Even the ones from 10 years ago. AMCAS does not do grad replacement

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When you say all sciences, does that include social sciences or just natural sciences? I ask, because I took psychology and sociology, however I didn’t start taking the natural sciences until I started my bachelors.



It’s usually BCPM courses (so Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and math).

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In a way your old classes are a blessing in disguise. Your new scores will definitely overshadow your old. Texas even has a fresh start program where nothing older than 10 years (I think) counts. No need to run from the past, embrace it.