Music - streaming internet

I’ve taken to listening to music over the internet at work - at first, I stayed with my favorite Radio Paradise as it has a real radio station feel - it is programmed by the guy who runs it - and plays mostly AA (adult alternative) music.
but every once in a while I had a hankering for something different - and then I bought my mp3 player which came with Musicmatch software for ripping mp3’s
- and I discovered a related service Music Match MX
This is way cool. You cannot download from here, but for listening live it is pretty good.
The free version lets you listen to mixes of genres - but the pay version (mine is like 5 or 6 dollars a month) let’s me sign in from any PC and listen either to genre or single artist - and they have a great play list of artists and styles - from jazz, blues, classical, AA, pop, etc. And yesterday I spent the afternoon with Monty Python – hard to keep from laughing out loud when you are trying to solve a programming problem and in your ears you hear “…the comfy chair” or “…another shrubbery”
so - if you want to listen to music whereever you are on the internet - you might like to have a look.

Howdy Lisa, you fellow walking skeleton you!
I'm a big fan of internet radio. The corporate radio guys have really squeezed all the life out of music these days. It seems like my car radio hasn't left my NPR station in over a year.
While I don't get the chance to listen to my computer much anymore, I had it going about 16 hours a day while I was studying for Step I. I really liked for their jazz and for their classical.
Take care,

howdy backatcha Jeff -
I’ll confess, other than the classical stations and a few talk stations at specific times - I’ve given up on radio in this market as well - I’ve all but changed over 100% to books-on-tape for my driving around. No kidding, our last 4 AA stations have been bought out and then changed format to Spanish language or were taken off air. And you’d think L.A/Orange County would be a major market that could sustain at least 1 station.
What I like about radio paradise is it introduces new artists or releases that keeps me “in the loop” for CD shopping in case I hear something/someone that captures my interest. What I like about the musicmatch MX is that is like having my CD library at work - if I’m in a classical mood, I play that - or if in a mood for Cat Stevens or REM or Neal Finn or Lee Rittenour or Pat Metheny or bluegrass or celtic or … you get the idea.