Must I take courses in order, if some are repeats?

I am working on improving my science GPA and I am repeating a few lower division and upper division courses that I did not do so well in (C’s and B’s). Unfortunately, some of the course are not offered in the same logical order as when I first took them.

For example, organic chemistry part 2 is offered this spring, before organic chemistry part 1 in the fall. I first took these courses years ago and got B’s both semesters but at that time I did not fully understand much of the principles as I had thought I did. I want to retake advanced organic chemistry, in which I got a C; I did mediocre on the oral exam probably because could not recall all my regular organic chemistry. In retrospect, I realize that I never learned it properly in the first place. Now that I am studying for the MCAT, the principles make much more sense.

Would it look odd if I took part 2 of organic chem before part 1? Then I would take advanced organic chemistry after that to mitigate that C.

Note: I realize that the AAMC does not do grade replacement and that is fine. Neither does my college; they simply add on the other course.

Or am I just wasting my time?

Even if I didn’t teach Orgo, I’d never advise a student to take any class out of order, especially not Orgo.

You should go thru the GPA calculations on AAMC and you may find the improvement will be minimal. It may be better to get into a specific GPA enhancement Post-Bacc.

However, without knowing/seeing your overall academic record, it is hard to give your a really good idea/direction on which way to go

pathdr2b: Thanks, I’ll skip the out-of-order retake.

Rich: I am looking at SMP’s as I have already finished a post-bacc (and didn’t do too well; too many upper division courses that were out of my league).