My Fundraiser! HELP!!!

Not sure if I can post this or not…but I’m doing a March of Dimes fundraiser and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on well fundraising…I just can’t seem to get anyone interested. I’m new to the area which is part of the problem. Home I knew everyone so I had a ton of support and here I just don’t have the relationship with the bosses or the area so I can’t seem to earn my measly goal of 2 grand! Any ideas??

Is it going to a local chapter? I know at McDonalds we just did the Ronald McDonald House charities recently. Most of the time people declined a donation if we simply asked “would you like to donate to Ronald McDonald House” or “to charity”…however 9 times out of 10 if I said “They are expanding Hershey Medical Center as well as the Ronald McDonal House for their peds ward, would you like to contribute a dollar to the cause?” (I refused to mention we gave them free latte coupons in return until they said yes lol) they would donate. It seemed knowing it was going to be used locally was the catch. People in this economy don’t want to be giving their money randomly I’ve found, but if they know it benefits their immediate area, they tend to be more benivolent.

I’d also hit up your friends and family from where you used to live. There’s no reason why they can’t still help your cause.

Well it’s for March of Dimes in general, so I think the money just goes to March of Dimes. I am not sure it stays locally. I have gotten some people at work to give…it seems like since I work with all wealthy people they would give. I have also started getting some response from folks back home (finally!!) who are mailing the checks! I just need to get cracking! It’s like c’mon people HELP THE BABIES!!! I’m the one walking the 5.5 miles…all you have to do is whip out your checkbook!


When I was fundraising for a mission last year I set up a webpage and posted a link on my facebook + blog + I emailed it to everyone in my address book. I got few donations this way… So if you know how to do it and you have a paypal acount it might be an option.


Thanks Kasia! I’m sure you’ve seen me post it on my facebook by now a few times!!!