My GPA Dropped. Help!

Hi! I need some guidance.
So, I’m a sophomore at a private 4-year university.
I am a Health Sciences major.
These are my GPA trends:
Freshman year Fall: 3.518
Freshman year Spring: 3.580
Sophomore year Fall: 3.387
Sophomore year Spring: 2.95
This most recent semester, I have had 2 C’s and a B- in my science prerequisite classes.
If my GPA were to go up to a 3.6/3.7 in my next semester, would that be considered a good upward trend?
What GPA would be considered an upward trend/significant upward trend in my GPA for my Junior and Senior year?

Technically, any improvement over your past/current GPA is an upward trend. The strength would be dependent on how large the increase is. Clearly, the closer to a 4.0 you can achieve, the better. This part is probably already obvious to you.

Moving on, the bigger question is what was different? It’s possible that you might end up needing to retake the courses you received C’s in. But before that you should examine what about your study habits needs to change (Pre-reading? More practice tests? etc.). You know what you’ve already tried better than anyone else. Just need to review what needs to change to help you be successful moving forward.

Best of luck!