My house

Yippee, I am so happy. My house here in Northern Va sold last night after being on the market for 8 days. What a load off my mind. We finalized the contract on our house in Blacksburg also, so housing can be scratched off my to-do-list.
Although the biggest obstacle remains… finding my husband a job in Blacksburg that pays him what he is worth. The pay scale there is way lower than what we are used to. I know he can’t get paid what he does here in Northern VA, but I don’t think he should settle for what he made 10 years ago. Wish us luck.

…in the middle of the street…that’s the place we used to meet. Sorry, couldn’t resist! I’m glad you sold your house. It must be nice to have one! I won’t be owning a home until I’m about 50 or so with all the debt I’ll have to pay off beforehand.

count me in that semi bracket. We won’t look for a house to buy until I know where residency is. UNtil then…when we return to Fla, it will be ppaying someone else’s mortgage…sigh

Congratulations on the house sale! And I hope things work out well for your husband. I love the Blacksburg area - we’ll be travelling there in May to see my son graduate and get his Navy commission, very exciting. It’s a fast-growing area so here’s hoping the job market is strong. (and where in Northern Virginia are you, Amy? I’m in Vienna)

I have been living in Haymarket for almost a year. So your son is graduating in May. That is great. Does he go to VA Tech?