My Intro: From IT to Pre-Health (from comfortable to living with basics and unknown?)

Too many words here but gives you a little bit of idea that can help you to know what response you can give to me.

I’ve worked in IT for thousands of years. It feels like it. I’ve travelled across the globe for projects. Life is great. However, not really… there’s always a part of me that’s wants to give back in the society. I volunteered in the Sunday school to teach kids. I have a BIG heart for the homeless but help is not enough for one or two. I know that they (the homeless whom I talked to) put a hole in my heart. I also helped the elders whenever I have an hour to drive them to their appointment. I’ve been thinking about, what’s the life purpose is. I guess I am sort of in the mid-life crisis literally. I’m 39 and turning on 40. Is that what it is? My parents are not rich to support me in this. Thus, everything will be coming from my savings.

I’ve been wanting to apply in med school for 3 years but I’m just skeptical because of the costs and effort. I have to consider all aspects: mental, physical especially. Considering my background is Comp. Science with (MS) Graduate degree in Information Management, I have few science subjects (Chem 1, Physics 1 and 2 with Gen Psych on my 1st year). All of these are back in the pre-historic age. I meant, it’s so long ago. By the way, I’m not born here in United States too. The reason for moving here from Asia is to work so I can have higher chances of seeing my parents in a cheaper way of course. As someone from Asia, I love my parents of course. Though, I’ve been independent travelling the world. There I was in Silicon Valley in 2007 until I found myself here in SD still doing technical work for computer systems. It brings me to my question about my contribution to the world.

I’ve a very very few chances of having a child. I’m not going to worry about it. I’m not even married! :slight_smile: I have so much love to give I guess. I have so much compassion. By the way, I’m not ugly… (lol) I’ve even thought of becoming a “sister”. I’ve been pondering about it. On the other hand, I’ve been pondering about serving in healthcare. Here I am, I am volunteering in the hospital too. My volunteer is clerical which is just attending to patient bed calls but it is giving me the idea of what the people who are sick feels like. I can see a lot of old people and really really sick people. I can also see nurses who are a little all over the place. I’m composing myself when I don’t know to which nurse or CNA I should get the request too when all the requests are coming in at the same time and they are like they don’t want to receive too may beepers. At least, it sort of gives me a sense that in hospital, just put patient first. On the other hand, if I want to survive that calls, I have to be able to be nice to nurses, CNAs, charge nurses, mentor and the clerks. I’m glad that my mentor sitting next to me is the gentlest female on earth.

After checking for the cost of the post-bacc career changers course, it costs about 50K for the program (based the MSAR cost in AAMC for George Washington, John Hopkins and Geogetown University). However, I would need some more for the living expenses for one and a half year. This means, for 1 and half year, I would need at least 80-100K to survive. Is that true for any post-bacc students here? Please give me some light on how you plan on this journey. This takes a lot of courage as I am about to embark this on my own. Where do you get the money to be able to support yourself with this minimum living expenses? :o We still need to eat and be in a safe place right? I guess I’ve been pampered that I didn’t have any problems with money and living completing my degrees. I was a scholar on the latter part of my undergrad and I supported myself while working my graduate work. It was one of those toughest moment during the graduate schools while working and travelling.

Here are the things that I’m doing right now for this Pre-Health:

  1. Taking GRE next Month as part of the requirement of the 3 schools (I dropped the expensive schools like NYU and Columbia as I still want to live with a shelter and food)
  2. Preparing my TORs (I’m requesting my alma matter to send me the TORs)
  3. I will send the TORs to WES (Evaluation) to be sent to my 3 schools. I learned from Lauren (from the OldPreMed Conf that she only applied for 1 school. Are there anyone who has international credentials here? 3 schools is enough or should I apply for more? I have a good GPA (greater than 3.5)
  4. Recommendation letters: Since I’ve been away from school for ages (yes literally ages as in since 1996) I will have to request my letter from my supervisor which she does not know yet but I will have to talk to her in one of our breakroom chats. She once told me that if I’m requesting for a recommendation in some of my volunteer work, she needs a sample letter. Well, I have a copy of my accomplishments of course. Considering her busy schedule, it’s really difficult to get time with her. Thus, everything needs to be planned. It’s already July and I must submit my application now for GWU especially)
  5. Application forms - these 3 schools will not be open for application (Georgetown deadline accdg to their site is Oct 10 but I have to submit early, Sept 1 is JHU open for online application and George Washington is already open for application)
  6. Draft Personal Statement- Need to revised as there’s too many words.

    Any advise on the money matters and starting from school again with no cash flow? I have saved enough money for the cost of the program and just barely there for the living expenses (calculating all). Thus, I need to get some ideas from the old-premeds of the same situation. Please… :idea: give me a shout.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts.

also, Can anyone tell me if there’s anyone here who are or who have been in Georgetown, George Washington or John Hopkins Post Bacc program? I want a post-bacc formal program because of the advising, structure and the recommendation letters.

Please comment on these 3 schools. I just want to get into any of these schools. I have never lived in the east coast. Thus, it will be a new territory for me. I only survived for a week in Maine and in New York winter and fall with my visit to long time friends. Other than that, the only reason for moving there would be that most of the good career changer programs post bacc(non-trad) are in east coast.