My Introduction and Story-from Business to Medicine

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Miller and I’m currently in Dallas, TX where I work as an IT project manager in the banking industry. I’m 26 yrs. old and have a Bachelors in Business Marketing (3.39 gpa) as well as an MBA in Information Security (3.85 gpa). I’ve been in sales most of my professional career but recently moved into an analyst/project management role. I honestly am great with people and find my current role lacking interraction with others as I am in a cubicle all day on the phone and online in meetings and hardly see anyone all day. My true passion was to study medicine but gave up quickly in my undergraduate career due to some advice from an advisor- You’ll never make it with those grades! So I’ve only taken zoology and human anatomy. I plan on starting the pre-requisites this summer by taking Gen. Chemistry I and II for starters, and I plan on taking these at a local community college during the evening as I work full-time. I appreciate any and all advice from you all and wish you the best of luck in your ventures as I begin the journey of my own. I am very passionate about this and enjoy volunteering in the community and plan to begin hospital volunteering as soon as my application goes through.

If I got paid a dollar for everytime I heard a counselor give piss-poor advice, I think I’d be able to pay for med school in cash.

Welcome! I’m sure you’ll hear it from others, but if you already have a bachelor, if at all possible you should try to take as many of your classes at a 4-year university as possible. I realize that for many people, that’s not an option, but it’s something to keep in mind. Hopefully the CC you take Gen Chem 1 & 2 at have some good chem teachers…one thing about a good chem teacher (besides the obvious) is that he/she usually isn’t hesitant to blow shit up in demos of certain stuff such as the flammability(sp?) of hydrogen or the reactivity of alkali metals with water. Good stuff!

lol looking forward to the blowups! yeah I know how it goes preferring 4 yr over C.C. but the 4 yr science dept is what deterred me from my earlier goal of becoming an M.D. as a freshman in college. I always wanted to start out at a c.c. but my mom wouldn’t have it. just about every doc that I know back home went to a juco before a 4 yr and it should serve me just fine. plus at $39/credit hr. can you really beat that? many 4 yr schools I’ve seen around here don’t offer night-friendly classes and are way expensive. I will probably go to one for some upper courses such as maybe Orgo, but for starters I’ll take gen. chem at the c.c. hoping to start doing some volunteering around too.

If you have no previous medical experience, I’d recommend EMT. It’s a one-semester class (usually), almost all community colleges offer it, you actually get first-hand experience in patient care (so it counts for clinical experience), and there’s countless opportunities to volunteer as an EMT.

The only downside to EMT is that you don’t really learn too much; it’s very basic medicine. It’s better than nothing though!