My last day!!!

Hello everyone, Today is my last day at work and I can’t tell how happy I am. I am just so happy to be following my dreams and taking this chance. I just look around me and there is so much misery and so many people who continue aimlessly in a job/profession they don’t like, simply bc it pays off their Mercedes, Lexus or oversized house. I’m taking off these golden handcuffs today and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. Ahhh, sweet freedom…at least for a couple of weeks, until I will be a slave to the books.



By the way, I love your George Eliot quote. You could use the next couple weeks to read my favorite book, Middlemarch, which I am currently doing for the third time. (I am unabashed evangelist for this book. Everyone should read it! It even has a doctor as one of the main characters.)
Really, I hope you enjoy your break.

Thanks everyone for joining in my celebration. Also, thanks Andrea for the reading suggestion. I love pleasure reading and besides math reviews…I will be doing some of that. Three times, huh? I haven’t found a book I love enough to read more than once, but who knows maybe Middlemarch will change that.