My MCAT Prep Starts Tomorrow!

Well, my MCAT studies officially begin tomorrow.
I received my Examkrackers material two days ago in the mail. I ordered the Examkrackers complete study packet ($174.95) from the Examkrackers website. I wanted to have the 6th edition of everything and although and and had SOME of the books in 6th edition, most were not so for simplicity sake I went with Examkrackers although probably paid an extra $50 for all 6th edition books. I like things to be the latest and greatest and I did not want to wait long for my books to arrive so I was satisfied with this decision.
I purchased Audioosmosis from It was brand new in a sealed container and was $80 cheaper than the $199.99 price listed at Examkrackers so I would recommend purchasing this piece at a site other than Examkrackers.
I also purchased 16 Mini-MCats ($44.95) from the Examkrackers website and purchased the 4 full-length MCATS ($80.00) from the AAMC site.
I already freaked myself out earlier today by looking at an example MCAT prep website. I started seeing biological terms like prokaryote and eukaryote and was like oh crap. So I am glad to be starting early.
Look forward to the challenge over the next 4.5 months.

Good times to be had by all!! Good luck as you prepare for the exam. The test will be here before you know it, and best of all, because of all your work, you’re going to kick butt!