My mind is always racing...

At 45, would I be unofficially excluded by committees on certain specialties? I’m very interested in Anesthesia, Family Medicine (yes I really am) & Orthopaedics. I’m light years away from even deciding. Currently I’m 38 and know that if I get in I’ll be 45 upon starting a residency.

My twin boys will be born in two weeks. By the time I’m an anesthesiologist for example, they’ll be in the 6th grade (being in the 2nd when I’ll potentially be starting PGY-1).

Those are some formative years to be not fully engaged. But I’m doing this so that they can have better opportunities. I want them to see their father and say he didn’t give up on his dream. That’s important to me. I haven’t cared for the salaries of specialties. I just want to be happy with what I do at work.

I can find joy in most anything. I wouldn’t think I’d enjoy derm, neurosurgery, ct surgery or rad.

Any advice for someone with a little angst?