My mom wants me a be a nurse....

Hello again!

So here is my dilemma at the moment. As you all are aware, the economy is terrible at this time. My mom has always wanted me to be a nurse. She says that nursing is a very secure job. I understand this. But, I want to go to med. school instead. I just graduated with a Biology degree end of last year. I am trying to get a job in a lab, but am failing miserably. Also, I am trying to volunteer to get my foot in the door right now. Here are my questions:

  1. Of course my main goal is medical school. Now, Should I not go to Graduate school for Microbiology/Immunology, and get a masters in nursing instead?

    2)Will nursing help bring up my GPA?

    3)Does anyone have any suggestions as to where a B.A. in Bio can take me, besides the lab? I don’t want to work at Hooters lol

    I just feel so depressed and confused as to what I should do. Can anyone advise me?

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JKP offers great advice.

My two suggestions are that you do not act irrationally from your current job situation. Back in 2004 when I graduated with my MIS degree, I worked as a medical biller in order to make a living. It took 8 months before I landed my first job with IBM. Try not to get caught up in thinking that your situation is dire. Intelligent people find a way to accomplish their goals.

Years ago, Conan O’Brien delivered a graduation speech to Harvard (his alma matter). He basically talks about how his life post graduation was drastically different than what it is now. You should definitely read it if you want some additional inspiration to keep you focused on your desired career goals, be it as a doctor, researcher, etc. Here’s the link.

In regards to working at Hooters … um I like Hooters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boomkin, FTW.


This is all just opinionated, since you are the one that knows you and your situation in life the best, i.e., finances, endurance and your own will and desire to become a future doctor.

So, my “opinion” is that you do some strong soul-searching and only you can do that and reach a conclusion on your own. But, bear in mind, that quite alot of your nursing credits do not cross-over to pre-med reqs. So, I would suggest again, dig deep, read LOTS and take the time to really put in a good deal of time reflecting and projecting what you, and only you want to do in the future…Hope this helps…

Hi MedHope:

Another opinion on the way! If you have the bio degree, why don’t you just start studying for the MCAT? As for the bio degree-one thing I found out some years ago, as I left school as a bio major (med tech major), the degree didn’t provide me with any marketable skills. It may be difficult out there at this point because of the economy, but to keep yourself afloat, have you considered working at a hospital as either a CNA or ER tech? Every hospital is different, but the training for those jobs are usually provided by the hospital. I met someone last week who works as a sleep lab tech while applying to med school. That job requires further education, however, and there are programs at community colleges (as with nursing, etc.).

I understand where you mom is coming from. Nursing school won’t get you closer to medical school because they are two different things. However, if you are looking to learn clinical skills and interested in employment right away (besides Hooters), it may be an option. It will be temporary, as you have an ultimate goal in mind.

But, again, the decision will always be yours. If you want to go to medical school, check on what you need to do to get in (MCAT, visit schools, etc). Your mom may feel more comfortable with your decision if she sees you have a “game plan”. Good luck to you.

  • lpressley130 Said:
... why don't you just start studying for the MCAT?

The 2.5 GPA might preclude doing well on MCAT, which is why I suggested she take other classes to shore the GPA up and prep for MCAT...

Don’t do what your mom wants - unless it’s what you want too!

I’m a 30 year old engineer. My dad wanted me to be a mechanical engineer, so that’s what I did. In fact, I even switched to Civil/Enviro Engr for a while and switched BACK to mechanical when my dad said that I shouldn’t be Civil because it paid less. Similar to nursing, the arguements for engineering are good ones: good pay with a 4-yr degree, good hours, lots of career-path options. Those are the reasons I did it, but I just don’t love it. But, if you don’t pursue the path you want, you’ll be 30 (or 40 or 50) and dissatisfied.

As for your grades, I’d retake the problem courses & hope for the best. Start prepping for the MCAT too & see if you’ve got what you need to get into med school.

Also, FWIW, I’m the mom of a slacker 11 y.o. He wants to be a snowboarder or pro dirt biker, I think. I’ve told him he can DO whatever he wants when he’s grown, after he majors in chemical or electrical engineering with minors in business and a science. . .parents can’t help themselves! We just want you to be happy and successful, and not living with us forever! We also think we know you better than you know yourself, but it’s not true.

  • AliJ Said:
… FWIW, I’m the mom of a slacker 11 y.o. He wants to be a snowboarder or pro dirt biker

WARNING: slight t/j

They're called "gifted underachievers"...

My son’s plan is that he’ll go to college to play football and while he’s there he’s going to major in either biology or chemistry because he loves science, and that if the NFL doesn’t come through then he’s going to med school…not exactly an underachiever…I’m a little jealous that med school is his “back up” plan!

Thanks JKP2117. I really do need to have a heart to heart talk with my mom. I need to gather some visuals for her to understand what I am doing. I know I have a lot against me. Many doctors have told me to get a Masters in either Public Health, or in Microbiology/Immunology (which is what I am interested in doing). I will most likely re-take some classes as well to boost my GPA. But, since I graduated, will this help?

I am 23. It is just this past year that I realized what profession I wanted. I want to become a Doctor. I have so much to do. So, right now I volunteer at the church and in many other places. I am also a part of the Young Adult Committee (Which shows leadership). In a couple of weeks I will be a volunteer at a well accredited Hospital. Hopefully, with me volunteering there, my aunt spoke to someone on the research team, so I can assist in the lab until a job opening comes up. Which can hopefully enable my acceptance into their graduate program.

I have spoken to so many doctors (will be shadowing a couple of them this month actually), researched many schools and options, am volunteering, will be getting my Masters, and am probably going to re-take some courses in the near future. I finally know what I want and am doing all I can to get there. I am taking the GRE’s in February…so please pray for me.

I am thankful for everyone’s great advice!

That sounds great Medhope, I hope you still stay active here and keep us updated. As well as being active in the forums, as you probably already found out this site is an invaluable resource!

Thanks Maddux31 for that Link to Conan’s speech. It was hilarious and highly inspiring. lol! I will definitely keep it.

Thank you all for your responses. You have given me much confidence. I believe the things that I am doing now will enable my chances of getting in in the far future.

  • medhope23 Said:
I will most likely re-take some classes as well to boost my GPA. But, since I graduated, will this help?

I am 23.

MedHope, I surely hope so!! The prescription I laid out for you is what I am following for myself - I'm just 20 years older

BTW, keep up the outside volunteering and activities ~ not just for med school apps but because it is simply, "the right thing to do."

Cheers!!! :D

Thanks Jkp! Hope things are going well with you!