My New Residency

Hi Folks,
I have made it official. I have signed a contract with Cleveland Clinic Health Systems to finish my surgical residency in Cleveland, OH. I was longing to be back in a metropolitan area and really missed the inner city. Charlottesville is a great small college town but it was not for me. I join a great department and I love the Cleveland area (especially the Indians) so off I go at the end of this year for more adventures in the world of surgery. Though I leave behind some great folks who have taught me many things, I go on to a solid program with lots of experiences, especially vascular ones.
Heading for the North!

Holy crap Nat!! Nice coup. Our school had a resident leave Mayo and go to UTenn as it had a better feel for what he was used to.
Cleveland Clinic has a place down in Weston, Fl not far from where I was living. They have an IM program and one other I forget down there.
Best wishes for your impeding move!! Hope I can get up there to see you sometime…in the summer of course.

Congratulations on your new residency. They are really lucky to have you!! Now, I know Cleveland is a lot further than Charlottesville from WVSOM, but maybe on your way through town when you move, you and Steve can stop for lunch, dinner. …whatever.

Talk to you soon!!

WOW! Have a great time, and bring your snow boots!

Cleveland is really beautiful…during the warmer months, especially. My husband grew up there, if you need any info on the city, where to eat…neighborhoods, please ask.
His family knows many folks at the clinic, as well. It is really a great place.
Good luck and enjoy!

Cool! I love Ohio!

I hit reply before I was done! Sorry!
Congrats on the new residency! That’s fabulous! You rock!
And, I have a random soft spot in my heart for Cleveland sports teams. Go Indians!

Congratulations on your new residency! I went to school in Ohio (Ohio U. in Athens) but I’ve never been to Cleveland, and that pains my college friends who live there. They talk about the “flats” all the time. I guess that’s the bar/nightlife area.
And wow…the Cleveland Clinic! Awesome! Isn’t that right up there with the Mayo Clinic in terms of reputation?

Natalie, I am late to add my congratulations - this is an awesome assignment for you. I will admit to being disappointed that you didn’t end up at Fairfax. I had looked forward to the prospect of doing my surgery rotation during intern year with you as my senior. I even imagined your voice saying, “Knife to Dr. Renard.” Well, the folks in Cleveland are very fortunate to get you!

Congrats! I lived in Columbus for four years! TAKE YOUR COAT!

Best of luck, Nat. And welcome back to urban living. Keep us posted–I’m excited to hear about the new gig.

Many congratulations! The Clinic has landed a very special surgeon-in-training. You will enjoy Cleveland & the Clinic.


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