my next move...?

im currently in my senior year and will be graduating next year. im a psych major and completed all my requirements for it, as well as my core requirements to graduate. im only left with a few electives in order to graduate. my current gpa standing is 3.25. im planning to become a psychiatrist.

i did pretty badly for my freshman year. i wouldn’t have dreamed my gpa would be what it is today (i have 5 c’s on my transcript - 2 in my intro psych1&2 , the 3 others are elective classes). i dont know if this would be a legit reason, but i had a bad breakup with my ex. to top that off, my cousins’ parents filed a divorce and a relative passed away, all during my freshman year… i have to say that all this combined really put me through hell.

i still had other things i had to deal with as i continued my college years. luckily i got my act together, worked hard, and stayed strong to pull up my gpa to what it is (a’s and b’s only, i got honors recognition many times).

i originally wanted to become a clinical psychologist. but now i changed my mind; it was until only recently that i started wanting to pursue a career as a psychiatrist.

now on to my dilemma: i want to retake my intro psych1&2, considering i have a low grade in them, but i only have a few credits left. however, if i do this, i will not have enough room to take chem1&2, org chem1&2, bio1&2, and physics1&2 for my fall 09 and spring 10 semesters (considering i never took any of them). my question is should i just work on my sciences and forget about my intro psych1&2? or should i take summer courses for one of them and still work on my intro psych1&2? note: tuition is over $2000 for one class during the summer and, because i am a senior, i am not allowed to take summer courses from other colleges/universities . i go to a private university…

what are some suggestions to this?

Forget about psychology classes. If you are majoring in psychology and you did OK in upper level psych classes it’s a waste of time… you’ll be bored out of your mind. + these classes are not required to get into med school. So I would just concentrate on sciences and make sure that you get best grades possible.

Good luck,


PS. 3.25 is not bad!

I agree, just move on to your science classes. Hang in there.