my safe home on the Net

OPM is my safe home on the net, too many people out there rip you and slam you for an opinion that is a little different than people on the forums out there.

Yea I’m a little different and sometimes like input to see if I need to change my perspective on things, even when I give opinion to others I read to see if others feel the same or are different.

I posted a problem at my school here cause it’s the only place I feel safe enough to share a problem.

It’s really hard to be without my family and sometimes I feel like OPM is a part of my family. I love reading the advice and giving my opinion at times.

Thank you for being here and being what you are.


Hi there,

I think I know who and what you are referring to. I edited the posts that you referred to. They were quite vulgar and unprofessional. I also sent a formal warning to the individual involved.

Unfortunately, many people cannot disagree without being disagreeable. You chalk it up to immaturity, insecurity or whatever and keep on going.

Nat (the supermoderator with banning powers)

Oh thanks Nat but I have felt this way for a long time and just wanted to thank OPM in my own way.

I have had a rough 2 years out here and OPM has always been a good place.

I recommend this site all the time! LOL