My story

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy I found this forum. I am a “Non-Traditional Old Pre-Med” and this is my story. I went to med school in a foreign country. Unfortunately few months after my graduation, I had to leave my country (no real practice after school, no residency). When I arrived here, I didn’t have money to prepare and pay for the exams (step 1, 2CK & 2CS) required for internatioal medical graduates. I couldn’t find a job even as a medical assistant. Worst English was a new language for me. I was very depressed. Several months later I found a job as a personal assistant (caregiver). I like taking care of people so I did not mind; at least I had something to do. At that point I thought I could study, work, and save some money for the exams fees, but it was very difficult. I realized that at that speed I would take several years to complete these exams. I also met with several foreign medical graduates. Some were able to get into a residency program after completing the exams, but many were not so lucky. The main reason was the fact that they spent many years out of school and practice. Instead of getting in this trouble, I decided to go back to school…yes to start all over again! I could not and still can’t imagine myself studying hard for the USMLE and not be able to get into a residency program. I spoke with several advisors from med schools to find out what I needed to do. They told me that I need a US Bachelor degree and all the prerequisites. That was hard…I really had to start all over again… but I also really want to practice as a physician so I decided to do whatever it would take. I’ll finish with my prereq and my bachelor next year. I won’t be able to apply for med school until 2014, but it’s ok because I will have some time to prepare for the MCAT. I do not regret my decision of starting over. There are many things that I did not study in my country that I’m studying now. If I am not accepted it will be very sad but my backup plan is to go for a Master then a PhD in public health. After all I’ve been through, I just want to thank God for what he is doing for me now.

I wanted to share my story because I know that it’s not easy to start over. Thank you for reading. Believe in your dreams!!!

A 32 yo, mother and wife, A “Non-Traditional Old Pre-Med”

What determination Brenda7. Congrats and good luck. Happy Holidays!


You and poster andrzej have very similar stories. Andrzej has been accepted to an American medical school.

Thank you LJSimpson.

Thank you for this info ihopetobeado2 . It’s very encouraging.