I just wanted to put in a good word in favor of naps. Several times now, I’ve come home from work and have been completely demotivated as far as studying goes - and have myself 1/2 convinced I need to have a night off to “veg” in front of the TV. But - instead, I’ve had a nap. Mind you, this is at 6pm or so - I just lie down and set a timer alarm for 60 mins, figuring I’ll take 15-20 mins to fall asleep. I wake up at 7pm, relaxed and refreshed - make a quick supper of soup & salad - and I’m ready to go for a night of studying.

I was a real skeptic on this until I tried it - and having the nap doesn’t seem to effect my ability to go to bed at a normal time.

so - the next time you cannot face the books - try a nap!


Well, I have to admit I am one of the skeptics! My own solution to this is to spend the hour sitting cross legged on my floor waving a red laser pointer round the room. Now before you think I’m crazy (or maybe you still will!) - the purpose of this is that my cat loves it and will chase it for hours, all with minimal effort from me (no getting up and fetching whatever I have just thrown). AND I don’t have to fish half eaten stuffed mice out from under my couch anymore!! :)