National Health Service Corps Scholarship

Does anyone here have this scholarship or know someone who does? Do you know how the salary is worked out when you go to fulfill the service? Is there even a salary?! I would like some general comments on this topic.

I'm certainly no expert, but I will comment generally on the NHSC scholars program. Yes, the service sites for NHSC do have a salary although the salary may not be as high as that for a private practice physician. The best service sites of course are quite competitive. But many take years to fill. The problem is that is you don't find a service site before a certain date, you will be assigned the site with the highest priority. The sites with the highest priorities tend to be the ones that are least desirable for most people (prisons, inner city, extremely rural, etc.). But it is a fantastic option especially for those pursuing who are certain that they will pursue one of the fields for which the NHSC program runs (OB/Gyn, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics).
Don't forget that there is a Loan Repayment Program available for those that have already completed their education. This program gives up to $20,000 per year for loan repayment to health professionals willing to serve at certain needed sites. This award is in additional to the salary. Sites are competitive and salaries vary by site. The same specialties as listed above are the requirement. Service committment is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 years. Not quite as good of a deal as the NHSC Scholars program but still something to be considered.

Also, the Uniformed Services University SOM has a few slots each year. There is no tuition, and you get pay/benefits. If interested, check out