Navy Hospital Corpsman, now in undergrad

Hey everyone!

My name is Nick Blackmond, 28 years old and currently completing my undergraduate degree at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. I recently separated from the Navy where I served as a Hospital Corpsman. I had a unique time in service where I rotated through multiple emergency departments throughout Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, I served with the Marine Corps as a combat medic. Both of my roles were serving as an independent medical provider.

Now I am back in school and finishing up my undergrad, roughly 1.5 years left. My plan is to apply to medical school in 2021/2022. I was a medical scribe for a brief period after transitioning out of the Navy, though now I work as a medical assistant/technician at an urgent care.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for finishing the remaining of my degree, pre-med classes and subsequently applying to medical school. I know everyone is unique and different though I feel alone on campus because not many people have the same experiences and my age doesn’t help. Furthermore, I have a bit of a dicey school course load prior to the Navy.

Welcome, Marine corps vet here. I know what you mean about feeling alone on campus. Once you get to know people on campus it becomes better. On the bright side I have an easier time speaking with the professors and I think they have an easier time speaking with me. I will say they do expect more out of you as well, but that is not necessarily bad thing.