Need a confidence booster

Hello to all. I Have Been Looking over this site for awile and decided to post. I am currently in a LPN school through the U.S.Army. I joined the army about 4 years ago after failing out of college on countless ocasions simply because of my imaturity at the time. As a failed premed student who accomplished absoulutly nothing I decided to join the army as medic, then after a long 15 month tour to iraq and still no closer to my dream of becoming a doctor than I was before simply because no time for college. I reinlisted to become a Liscened vocational nurse. simply to get out of a infantry unit and get more medical experience and achieve a job and position in the army that will give me time to do college work. my maturity level and determination is now at the level it needs to be to began concentrating on my studys and go for my dream to become a doctor. But heres my dilema my gpa in highschool was a d average at best my college grades back 5 or more years ago sit even lower with about 3 semesters of college. i have nothing to show for it than F aftert F after F. It was realy bad spent more time partying than in school and maybe a few withdrawls and drops where do i sit at accomplishing my dream please hold nothing back and give me your absolute true to the harsh opinion i need it im lost. I feel that i wasted to much time that my academic past is to horrific wahats your opinion.

Have you read Old Man Dave’s history? :slight_smile:

Med schools don’t look at h.s. grades. For college - looks like you’ll just be starting from scratch, and, of course, nailing all of your course work.



Hi I can feel for you. I am 50 years old, started as a premed about thirty years ago. Got good grades but never finished college. Now I want to try to go on and become a doc or at least a physicians assistant. I am so plagued by self doubt that I am simply too old. I was a straight A student back then but always sought love over school and I’m a dude!!! Is my goal unrealistic. Do I need to just give up? Any advice anyone or words of encouragement?

I say go for it . My grades were horrible. My past is even worst. i am to concidering the PA program but would like to keep my goal set at my ulktimate dream. If i have learned anything form life it is this it is better to live and lost than never lived at all.

Good luck on your adventure and the best of wishes

Thank you for your input i read oldman daves history and it reminds me alot of me. It gave a little inspiration for the future.