Need a second (or third) set of eyes

This is the curriculum for Northwestern’s Pre Med Post Bac - anyone see anything missing from the list that I might need to add on?

Required Courses

Biological Sciences

  • BIOL SCI 210-A Genetics and Evolutionary Biology (with laboratory)

  • BIOL SCI 210-B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (with laboratory)

  • BIOL SCI 210-C Physiology and Cell Biology (with laboratory)


  • CHEM 101-CN General Chemistry (with laboratory)

  • CHEM 102-CN General Inorganic Chemistry (with laboratory)

  • CHEM 103-CN General Physical Chemistry (with laboratory)

  • CHEM 210-A, B, C Organic Chemistry (with laboratory)


  • PHYSICS 130-A, B, C College Physics (with laboratory)

    Elective Courses

    In addition to the program requirements, premedicine students have the option to take any of the courses offered at SCS. Many premedicine students take courses such as the following, especially during their glide year in which they are preparing and submitting their applications. Elective courses are NOT eligible for financial aid, based upon federal financial aid requirements.

  • BIOL SCI 301-CN Biochemistry

  • BIOL SCI 313-CN Human Anatomy

  • BIOL SCI 315-CN Cell Biology

  • BIOL SCI 316-CN Human Structure and Function

  • BIOL SCI 335-A Human Physiology I

  • BIOL SCI 335-B Human Physiology II

  • BIOL SCI 355-CN> Immunobiology

Looks like it covers the BCP requirements, but there’s no “M”. Depending on what math classes you had in college, you might want to look at adding some calculus or statistics. Some top-tier medical schools want calculus, but I don’t think it’s required by any other than a handful of research-oriented schools. I went to Wash U for undergrad, and their medical school requires Calculus through Differential Equations! But that’s the exception.

Most of the schools I’ve seen so far only recommend Calculus or Statistics, but still when they recommend you do something, you should do it. Then again, you may have already done one or the other, or both, in college. Otherwise, the course outline looks good to me.

I’m a post-bacc myself, so maybe someone who is in med school or a doctor can add something that I’ve missed.

I agree with what Richard has to stay. Of the two, calculus or stats, I would recommend having some background in stats if you can get it as you’re likely going to be looking at a lot of research data in your time both as a med student and physician.

With respect to the electives, these all would have been helpful to me in med school–I had biochem, molecular bio, and genetics for add’l courses prior to matriculating. That being said, I know people who didn’t have any add’l courses who did quite well in med school, so do what you feel you can and don’t be worried if you aren’t able to get the add’l courses in. Caveat: If you end up with mediocre or poor scores in your prereqs or if your MCAT is below average, you may need to “prove yourself” by doing very well in these upper division courses.