Need admissions advice


I am fairly new to this forum. My apologies first off for this being yet another “what are my chances” type question. A short summary of myself:

I’m a 36 year old divorced female, originally from Islamabad, Pakistan. Moved here 15 years ago as a transfer student, worked at Boeing as a Manufacturing Engineer for 6 yrs and most recently at Sikorsky Helicopters in South FL. Only have a younger sister in the States. Divorced back in '14 and straight away decided to quit my engineering job at Sikorsky and put myself in school full-time to complete ~2yrs of pre-reqs. During that period, I moved around 3 times (got kicked out of a relative’s home), lost my best friend’s husband to cancer (my “American dad” is what I used to call him), and lost my cousin at 28 yrs old. Needless to say, each semester grew emotionally tougher and I almost dropped out and gave up on pursuing this path during Organic I. If it wasn’t for my extreme passion for medicine and my friends (mostly in WA state from tenure at Boeing) and family’s (back in Pakistan) support, I don’t think I could have made it. Long story short, I took an online Kaplan class to study for the MCAT and took it recently in early May. The actual test as expected felt very long and grueling.

I need some feedback regarding my realistic chances of being accepted into an MD/DO program. Here are my stats:-

University of Florida (Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering)

Undergrad BS GPA: 3.89 (2003)

Graduate MS GPA: 3.90 (2006)

Pre-med pre-requisites - 2 community colleges + (O-Chem & BioChem @ Univ. of Central Florida):

GPA: 4.00

MCAT Section scores:

Phys/Chem = 128

Bio/Biochem = 125

Psych/Socio = 124

CARS = 122

Yep, so basically the psyc/socio and verbal reasoning section pretty much killed me. I know my total score is under the national average by 1 point. I have applied at 8 DO and 14 MD programs by looking up ALL schools within my state of residency (FLORIDA) as well as schools that consider and accept low MCAT scores/have holistic admissions review. I have thought about re-taking the MCAT on several occasions but mentally and emotionally, I still feel burnt out and don’t know IF I’d do any better. Furthermore, I am interviewing tomorrow (2nd interview) for a full-time job back in Florida so I can start making money again. With the full-time job, i know it would be difficult to make a reasonable study schedule and honestly, I do not want to go through the horrific experience of studying on my own, taking and re-taking practice tests, losing my confidence again. Most importantly, I want to spare my mom the agonising pain of having to comfort her daughter via Skype all the way from Pakistan. I did give the MCAT my all and I cry so much and worry because prior to the exam, I felt like I had not given the admissions committee any excuse to doubt my sincerity and motives but I can only hope they will not get hung up over one test score?!! I’m looking forward to getting back into the job routine so at least I’m not driving myself crazy wondering if I did good enough? I cannot even begin to describe how difficult sitting and studying for the MCAT was with so much overwhelming stuff going on in my life because of the aforementioned events. It is because of this I feel like I do not have the strength in me to sit and study for it again. Once I finished my pre-reqs at UCF, I did not have any other students that I could group study with because I knew that’s one thing that helped me big time in Organic and BioChem. I had signed up for an in-person Kaplan class but last minute they did a bait and switch on me and put me in a 200+ students online class. I attended those classes without any other distractions/priorities and did all that the instructors recommended so I don’t know what else I could do differently a second time around especially when I have no faith/confidence in myself or even stamina :frowning:

Any suggestions/comments/advice?