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First of all I love this website… my kindred spirits who think like me and have the same wild desire to pursue medicine! I applied and interviewed for med school 15 years ago- I made the wait list at one school and the other strongly encouraged me to take more science classes to improve my overall science GPA… I have taken the MCAT several times… but it’s been several years… I have found every excuse in the world to not pursue my ultimate dream… but it won’t go away and I am only getting older… please share with me your thoughts, etc… I am now 53and that and the cost are my latest excuses… I am a nurse, but I long to delve further into medicine from a physician perspective…

when there is a will there is a way , god willing you will be 60 anyways so you can be 60 and wondering what if or you can be 60 and a doctor

you shouldn’t worry about the cost your medical school will make sure you borrow enough and when you graduate you can work through loan re-payment programs there are plenty of them usually you have to work a certain number of years in an undeserved area

Thanks for your feedback…

Hi siameserachel.

  • siameserachel Said:
...and the other strongly encouraged me to take more science classes to improve my overall science GPA

And, did you?

  • siameserachel Said:
I have taken the MCAT several times

How did you do the last time you took it?

  • siameserachel Said:
I am now 53 and that and the cost are my latest excuses

I mostly agree with what Moe83 said, but there comes a certain "tipping point" at which this pursuit no longer becomes cost effective - that is the point where it will take you more years to pay off your educational debt than you have left in your remaining working lifetime. Given that you are already 53, you are quickly reaching this tipping point, especially if you have to redo all of your pre-reqs to strengthen your application. If you're serious about pursuing this, you can't put it off any longer the same way someone who is 23 or 33 can put it off. You need to start laying out a definite plan with milestones to be reached and a timeline for reaching them.

Yes I agree you are quickly reaching that age so you should have clear plan

Good questions Tic Doc Doh… it’s been several years since it was suggested I take more science classes…no I didn’t I don’t recall why, and the last time I took the MCAT… it was not pretty… anyway, it just recently dawned on me that I would do very well being a doctor… I am formulating a game plan in my head and trying to let the “easy out” excuses keep from trying to get in one more time