need advice by midnight!!!!!! please help!!

Hi everyone, I’m having a bit of a crisis here and am hoping you all will share some wisdom!

I am a post-bacc pre-med, working as a nurse and currently taking orgo II. My stats are decent, 3.5-3.6ish GPA, no MCAT yet. Due to some personal issues I have been struggling this semester and am not at my usual performance level.

  • I’ve had one midterm that I don’t know the result of, but my feelings about it are pretty dismal.

  • I am now looking a VERY long lab assignment, worth approximately as much as an exam in the face, due tomorrow and have virtually NO IDEA how to tackle it. (This is my own fault, I know!)

    -My elderly parents will be visiting around the time of the second exam, which realistically will put a crimp in studying when I already don’t have much leeway!

    -Despite doing well in other premed classes, I did get a C in orgo I.

    Today is the last day to drop classes without a “W.” I am pretty sure I should drop, what do you think? I still want to be a dc more than anything but am facing a possible divorce and new job all at once… and darn it, I just don’t have it together right now!

oops i meant i still want to be a “DOC.” LOL

Life issues being what they are for you, if you feel that you will not be able to tackle the work effectively and your grade will suffer, then drop the course. If it ever comes up in an interview, you have a legitimate excuse.

It sounds like you feel like you’re in over your head. You can drop the class today and it will not appear on your transcript? Do you think it would be possible to bring your grade up to a B? Have you spoken with the professor about your grades, study habits, etc? How are your grades thus far?

Obviously, getting a C in Orgo I, and going on to a lower grade or a W - that would not reflect well on your ability to master the material. It wouldn’t be insurmountable - just concerning.

Equally concerning, what do you think is preventing you from doing well? Obviously, a potential divorce is very stressful, and it sounds like you’re staying busy with work and everything else in your life. It sounds like you may also be procrastinating and perhaps having some conceptual issues with the material.

It sounds to me like it might pay for you to take some time off and get your ducks in a row, so to speak. It may be necessary to reprioritize your academics and reinforce some good study habits.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your promptness guys, I really appreciate it!

I think the conceptual stuff would fall into place if I were able to dedicate sufficient time to the material, which I certainly have not been doing. I am quite confident that I could get a decent grade next semester if I did the class again. So yes, if I drop, it will just be gone from my transcript… like it never happened. Would it look bad if it appeared that I had tak a semester off?

Another thing I was thinking: if I take the semester off, I will be able to focus more on volunteer work, which I WILL be able to put sufficient time toward. I am already going on a mission trip this summer. So if I drop and leave a ‘gap’ in my transcript, but do lots of volunteer and research work, I might say that personal issues made school difficult to do that sememster, so I chose to focus on other endeavors.

What do you all think? I’m pretty dubious about being able to bring up my grade. I’m used to having some leeway, and I’ve definitely already used mine up. So it would have to be a spotless performance for the rest of the semester, or else.

I did speak with the prof about being excused fromteh first exam. He said he’d be willing, but recommended that I take it, again bringing up the concept of “using up one’s leeway.” So I took it, and don’t think it went so well.

Mainly I’m just worried about having a semester of academic nothingness…?

I would initially have been concerned about a “blank” semester as well. These days, I’m less leery of it, and it sounds like you’ve put some consideration into it. As you said, if you felt that personal issues and other responsibilities would have precluded your ability to perform to your standards, it would be reasonable to back off for a semester. This would also give you time, as you say, for work, volunteering, and family priorities.

One thing that I will ask rhetorically: will you be able to better balance this all when you become a physician?


sorry to hear about your problems. I think, though that it would be best if you drop the class…and try your best next semester. I personally think it will be easier to explain ‘a semester off’ than another C or W (following C in orgo I).

It looks like you know where the problem is…and hopefully you’ll be able to fix when you decide to take Organic II in the future.

Hope it helps,


I hope and think so. Like I said, this is SO not me. But sometimes all it takes is a badly-placed couple of weeks of poor time-management to shoot you in the foot, and that’s what happened here. I think backing out with my tail between my legs this time will be a good re-inforcement to buckle down when I do take the class again. I already have many plans of things I think would be beneficial for this semester, that I wouldn’t be able to do if I were in school. Some of these include a head-start studying for MCAT, volunteering as a tutor, participating in a research project at the hospital I work at, and getting certified as a sexual assault examination nurse.I’m also going on a mission trip this summer, which would lead nicely into re-starting classes this fall. So it’s not like I’d be sitting on my a** all semester.

If it’s not going to show up, drop it! I took a W because I didn’t want to risk a C or a D.

As older premeds I think it would be easier to explain one’s preoccupation with issues in life compared to a mainstream full time student. I would probably have a harder time explaining a W if I were a full time student rather than an older premed.

Dropped! Phewph. Wonder what it’ll feel like to get some sleep? I can’t get too far out of practice before residency, I might have to stay up and pretend to hae things to do. LOL