Need advice on transcript

Hi! I am going into my 3rd year of undergrad in a premed program. I dealt with some personal problems during final exams in December and ended up failing Organic Chemistry 1. I am currently retaking it over the summer. However, I have the opportunity to appeal the grade and have it removed from my transcript so it will be shown as a late drop rather than an F. Would this mean that it would be seen as taking 4 courses during that semester. I know med schools reward and prefer a full course load as here in Canada some will not consider your worst year if you took a full course load throughout your undergrad. In brief, would it be beneficial to keep the F on my transcript and have it replaced by my new grade but still shown or should I remove it entirely and have the illusion that I only took 4 courses when in reality I took 5? Thank you for your help and advice!

if You can remove it , you should . but I do not remember if You repeat if both grades count towards Your GPA or not. I think DO programs took Your higher grade, but I am not 100% sure on this . I only applied to DO schools.