Need advice writing secondary essay for CCOM

I updated my AACOMAS gpa info for UHSCOM and today I received a secondary from CCOM which had told me that I did not meet their requirements back in November saying I met them now. Ive got a few days to get this all going.
with SDN being down, and who knows for how long, I am hoping some OPMers here attend CCOM and can comment on the school or other OPMers who are applying there.

I like to include something specific and something real in the essays not just the overall blanket statement.
the school website tend to sound a like.

maybe if you told us the questions and how you were planning to form your answer you could get some specific feedback on if that approach sounded effective.
I’m sure you’re not asking for a blanket “tell me what to write” type of response

was wondering whether the school tends to closley adhere to the osteopathic principles or not. Ive heard some schools place a big emphasis on this and others are somewhere in between osteopathy and allopathy.
What everyone thinks of the facilities and the faculty. Are those who attended or attending enjoying the school? Does it feel like a supportive enviroment?
From what I can tell is that the campus is more college like? It has dorms and apartments on campus.
How is everything taught? through lectures or do they emply that problem based learning (pbl?)

What kind of residencies do the students attain and how successful are they at getting their first choice. I couldn't find a residency list on the website. It might be that Ive been researching caribbean schools for too long.
Id like to know how diversified the graduates are, ie how many do not go into a primary care related field. I know to expect a lot since osteopathic medicine's purpose is to produce primary care physicians.

Hi Bevo,
I can atleast comment on CCOM’s environment–since I have visited it twice now. The campus in my opinion does seem to be more “college like” to use your words. I personally think the campus is great. IT’s in Downer’s Grove, which is a nice area not too far from downtown Chicago. The school has really re-vamped a lot of things—and the facilities are really top notch. The new library is impressive. CCOM does have on- campus housing. There is an apartment complex there—I believe there are one and two bedroom apts. They are pretty small though, but very convenient–as you can literaally walk from the apt. to your classes. I’m not sure what the cost is for students though. In addition to the apartments, there are dorm-style living arrangements there. I walked through one dorm—and it reminded me of undergrad dorms in a way. From what I hear, the rooms are small, but do the job. Also, at CCOM, there are med students, PA students, pharmacy students etc.
The lecture halls are really nice, all technologically advanced (as I’m sure most school are these days), the library is impressive, and I’ve only heard great things about CCOM.
Hope this helped a little. The area is really nice. Best of Luck, Anna