Need advice

I am new to this site and it takes a lot of courages for me to post something here (I’ve never posted anything elsewhere online). But after spending almost 6 hours here, I truly feel that you guys are great and it is a blessing to find this website. Just like everyone else, I am here because I despratly want to be a physician. I am 31 year old. I have always wanted to be a physician like my mom and dad. Yes, both of them were physicians. What motivates me the most is they regretted about a lot of things in their life but they never regretted being physicians. Many many days and nights, they came home tired, exhausted but happy because they saved one more life. I know being a physician makes a good living but there is a lot more than this. For a lot of reasons, I wasn’t being able to pursue my dream when I was younger. Now I am here, realize nothing else will make me happy other than have my dream back. At the same time, I feel old, discouraged, helpless. I have a B.S. in finance and an MBA in finance as well. My GPA is 3.8 for undergrad and 3.4 for graduate school. I need your advice. Where shall I start and how shall I start? And is it too late to start. Thank you.

Welcome, Helensun!

Have you come to the right place! You’ll find courageous testamonies from people much, much older than you and success stories galore. Yours can be one of them, if you have the determination to see it through.

First, you’ll need a plan. A prehealth professions advisor at a college or university can help you with this. Part of the plan will be taking all your science pre-reqs-- 2 semesters of biology, 2 of general chemistry, 2 of organic and 2 of physics. All of these need to include labs. Some medical schools have other pre-requisites as well. Some of the people on this site have returned to school full time to complete their requirements while others have worked and attended classes part time.

You’ll need to take the MCAT once you have completed most/all of your pre-reqs. Then there’s the whole application process. Depending on your situation, all of this will take a couple of years. In addition, many medical schools look for physician shadowing and community service. With both your parents being doctors, you already have an advantage as far as knowing exactly the kind of committment it takes.

But don’t get too far ahead of yourself. One step at a time. Sounds like coming to this site is one of your first steps, so good for you! Have you talked to your parents about your decision? Sounds like they could be great advisors to you.

In the meantime, 31 is not anywhere near too old and your goal obtainable. I’m 46 and will be starting medical school at the end of July. Where there’s life, there’s hope, I always say! Again, welcome to OPM…