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Hi all,

I just wanted to get advice on what you guys think about my plan to start medical school in 2014. I’m currently working full-time, so I will be taking the pre-reqs one at a time. I’ve been told by two med schools that I’m interested in that I don’t have to take General Chem 2 since I took a 4 credit college chemistry (Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry) course 10 years ago and got an A in the class.

Fall 2008 - Currently taking College Algebra & Trig through a community college as a refresher math course. I have a solid A in the class so far with one month to go in the semester.

Spring 2009 - Gen Chemistry 1

Fall 2009 - Org Chem 1

Spring 2010 - Org Chem 2

Fall 2010 - Physics 1

Spring 2011 - Physics 2

Fall 2011 - Possibly either biochemistry or genetics

January 2012 - MCAT review course

April 2012 - MCAT

2012 - 2014 - apply to schools and interview

Fall 2014 - hopefully will be starting med school

Please let me know if you think this is a good plan. I’m planning on applying to approximately 15 - 20 schools in the northeast, both MD and DO. I currently have 10 years experience in direct patient care as an RN and NP.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

I would double check with the requirements for the med schools. Most don’t accept a General Chemistry course like you took as meeting the prerequisites. And, it has to have a lab associated with it at most schools.

The other issue is the age of the courses. A lot of med schools won’t accept prereqs that are more than 10 years old.

Best of luck!


Thanks for your response. The chemistry course I took had a lab and it was a 4 credit course from a baccalaureate program. I’ve spoken with Directors of Admission at two med schools I plan on applying to: UNECOM and UB. Both of them said they would accept the course in lieu of Gen Chem 2 and that it wasn’t a problem being more than 10 years old since the majority of prereqs I will be taking will be within 6 years of starting school. This will give them a better idea of my current ability to handle rigorous courses. Both of these programs will also allow some prereqs to be done at community colleges as long as the majority of coursework is done at baccalaureate level programs. I will probably check with other schools I’m interested in as to their specific requirements also.

Thanks for your advice!

  • npdoc Said:
Hi all,

Fall 2011 - Possibly either biochemistry or genetics

January 2012 - MCAT review course

April 2012 - MCAT

2012 - 2014 - apply to schools and interview

Fall 2014 - hopefully will be starting med school

Why not take a review course during the summer of 2011 and take the MCAT the fall of 2011. You can take your biochem or genetics class if you want during the fall or spring 2012 since it is not required for med school.

Why are you taking one class at a time? You can still work and take a few classes at the same time. It will show ADCOMs that you can handle a full load (work + school). Even if you get A's in all of your pre-req's they will not be impressed if you are taking one at a time. There are students who take full-time classes and get A's.

I also did almost 10 years as a nurse and had started my NP before I decided to go to med school.


Thanks for your advice. I think your suggestion to take the MCAT review course the summer of 2011 and the MCAT in the fall is a very good one and I will most likely try to do it that way. As far as taking one class at a time, I’m a single mom (currently going through a divorce) with two girls - ages 16 and 13. I’m very active in my kids’ lives, both play high-level competitive softball, which takes us to a lot of tournaments and costs quite a bit of money. My kids are the reason why I’m unable to start medical school sooner than 6 years from now. Once they’re both in college, I will be able to take as many classes I need and relocate if necessary. My job requires that I work 40 hours per week, Monday thru Friday, during the day, and I’m on call every 3 weeks. Therefore, taking more than one college course at a time would be extremely difficult. I’ve looked into all the 4 year schools near where I live (there aren’t very many) and all of the prereq courses I need are only offered during the day. I’m hoping that I will be able to explain my situation to medical schools either with my application or during an interview, to show that I’ve been able to handle being a full-time single mom, full-time NP, taking classes part-time and being able to pull in As and hopefully do well on the MCAT.

Also, one last thing to add, I went to graduate school from 2004 through 2006 full-time while working part-time, and was able to graduate with a 3.85 GPA. I’m hoping that helps to prove that I can handle a tough, full-time course schedule.

Thanks again!


HI Jill,

Your plan is looking like mine. I would like to matriculate in 2012 because my youngest is 11 and that way we will graduate together.

I will also have to take one class a semester because I am a nurse midwife in private practice. I do 15 days call each month plus 32 hours in the office.

Good luck in your journey.