Need Advice

I am 50 years old, started as a premed about thirty years ago. Got good grades but never finished college. Now I want to try to go on and become a doc or at least a physicians assistant. I am so plagued by self doubt that I am simply too old. I was a straight A student back then but always sought love over school and I’m a dude!!! Is my goal unrealistic. Do I need to just give up? Any advice anyone or words of encouragement?

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Now do you think you are too old??? I am certain none of those doctors worried about being too old, when they were in Iraq helping out these young soldiers.

You are in the prime of your life. Be unstoppable. You are acting like you have one foot in the grave. Uff dah. Now go sign up for college and quit using your age as a lame excuse to not follow your dreams. (Was this the encouragement you were looking for?)

One word of caution (and it is NOT about you):

There are many naysayers out there who will try to rain on your parade.

If/when you choose to pursue this path, ignore them. Put blinders on and just go.

People think all sorts of wacky things about whom should be able to do what at some predestined age.

Ignore 'em and good luck!!

Thanks for your encourgement. I am going for it!!!

I would do PA versus MD knowing what I know now and your age. PA allows you to practice medicine albeit with some supervision, has less hassle re suing issues, less malpractice, and you can switch specialties. Most PAs I know love their job.